Ruler. This meant that my six rows will have various number of inverted slopes in each row. ... Lego Small Minifigure Display Case. Thanks. What colour bricks is personal choice (as is the background card) but I went for white, 2×2 bricks and a few 2×3 (for those figures that are deeper – for example, having a backpack of some kind). "I didn't want the back to be grey... @RonnyN said:"Hello everyone!Thank you for the feedback so far. LEGO has officially licensed some small display cases, but today we’re taking a look at a huge 112-minifigure display case specifically made for LEGO … Showcase and fully protect the monumental LEGO Colosseum in our purposely designed display case. No way am I going to memorize this before it gets buried. @RonnyN said:" @Sethro3 said:"Is there a way to save an article so I can reference it later? Here are some of these cases and how I addressed them (jumping ahead a little bit, and showing you the final product): The surfer is on his surfboard, the party clown has his tailcoat tucked between the plate and the frame’s backboard, and the race car guy is turned 90 degrees and secured with museum gel (clear putty). I made cover for shelf like "glass bell" (no touching or dust). How did I come up with the number of bricks? If you don't want to do the much cheaper DIY Ikea solution, Walmart and Amazon also sell front opening Lego Minifigure Display cases. So as I was hitting the garage sales last fall, I searched high and low for something that I could turn into a Lego mini-figure display. The frame contains a square inner frame that the backing sits on. I have the minifigures in the IKEA frames for over 5 years using this method. Send drawings to companies dealing with fiberglass cutting, all part cost me cca 55€. You can see them. This allows to put almost all minifigs in it. Lego Minifigure Display Case: Greetings!I have been reading this site for about 5 years now and I am JUST NOW getting to write my first Instructable!I have been enjoying Lego building all my life and am glad that my son loves them too. @shirhac said:"So much work and glue... Get a Ribba frame, adhesive band and a 48x48 grey base plate. It is mostly transparent and will not be visible. I asked @Huw the same question and he taught me something I didn't know.While you're on the page (the one you're on now), click the rightmost menu item on the top of the page - "My Menu" - and add the page to your saved links.You also have the ability to save links/bookmarks in every modern browser. $35.04 $ 35. The shot glass display case holds 36 LEGO Minifigures. Whatever number of minifigures you have, you should always plan ahead and decide where each of them should go. However, you can space them in any way that works for you. The edges still ended up looking a little scrappy but that's no an issue as it will be hidden once in place. On sale, you can grab them for ~$25 USD. Glue the fiberglass parts. Together with a felt background that can pin photos and small objects to, it can make for a great display piece. @Sethro3 said:"Is there a way to save an article so I can reference it later? I prefer the black one, and I am also using the base that comes with each minifig. Through experimentation, I decided to space the minifigures for 8, 9, 10, and 11 in a row as shown below. Much appreciated, shame that some LEGO parts will be sacrificed as well some figures will need to meet Kragle but it's a worthy sacrifice. I like the metal look from both the Krylon & Rustoleum brands. Other accessories were placed in such a way that they fit on the plate or somehow secured with the gel. Great idea for beginners.Please note: we make several hundred of these a week and this method can be and is very weak. They have several versions but this one, for me, works best. @ab21 said:"Thank you for this guide!I have a white Ribba frame lying around for more than a year already for this purpose. More Buying Choices $97.95 (23 used & new offers) Ages: 18 years and up . Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 6. 18 minifigures? They say that can adapt 2x4 bricks!! I have a number of left-over Star Wars figures so may attempt to repeat this but with the smaller Ikea frame. However, this isn't very good at holding the plastic. You do not want glue to come out of the top part of the slope (between the studs of the inverted slope and the foam board), because this will prevent the minifigure’s plate from attaching. First of all, we need a case. Therefore, the entire length of the structure is 61 studs. No cutting. Now, by slowly moving the tool by its handles left or right, align it so that the handles are right above the slit on each side, and the two 2 x 3 bricks are taking the same space on the left and right. We do. Display case for LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport (75292) from £65.99. $8.45 shipping. Now will also be a good time to decide how you want to place the minifigures within the frame. Do they take extra space on the left or the right? Start with a small hole, then place the minifigure to see if adjustments are needed. That's a realy good idea. Tingacraft Acrylic Display Case (24 x 14 x 12 cm) for Minifigure… On sale, you can grab them for ~$25 USD. Great deals on Lego Display Case. This article shows you my way of doing it. This post contains affiliate links. x 30 in.) Then the other boys have their own collections and then there are the ones I bought for use in our LEGO® book… First of all, we need a case. Lay the long pieces down and place a short piece between them all the way at the end to create a corner. "That’s a fantastic idea!! 4.7 out of 5 stars 643. Been doing this for several years with each new collectible minding series. Forth, draw it in AutoCAD with shelf made of 5 mm thick load bearing parts that will be made of transparent fiberglass. Thanks to my mother in law, this Lego Minifigure display frame is modern, simple, and looks great in a kids’ playroom. Tape the baseplate onto the passepartout/cut out from its back, then space any form of standees made from lego evenly across the base plate. Each of them had special scenarios I had to accommodate for. In this manual I decided to use centimetres. To that end, I also purchased a steel ruler that’s 60cm (24”) long. No glue. Glass door. "Thank you so much! LEGO elements! There are several great products you can buy, and a few you can make at home. A glass cloche is a pretty, decorative way to display a tiny but elaborate LEGO … This is the tool we’ll use to properly space the minifigures on the board, You may want to get a few more minifigure tiles/plates. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This tutorial has inspired me – a black frame for all my Batman variants of Minifig, then two white frame, one for good guys and one for bad guys. Ikea Ribba Frame. Room Copenhagen Lego Minifigure Display Case 16 Red, Large. Interestingly, I never saw your post, but we both ended up using RIBBA 50×50 frames. No cutting. I had been holding out until I had all the Lego for the plinths, now I need some time and quiet home alone … I know just the time … Social Distancing is a positive thing (not just for staying healthy). Fast & Free shipping on many items! lego minifigure display case. So I won't judge them one difficult and "delayed"experience, but must admit that I am a bit disappointed. 6 studs for one minifig so that it can fit if it have accessories. Nope, not glueing any of my parts. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Tape the baseplate onto the passepartout/cut out from its back, then space any form of standees made from lego evenly across the base plate. I never fully documented the process I use and thought that the holiday season break would be a good time to do so. If you remove the two handles, the 61-stud long tool should fit perfectly in the IKEA frame. Specifications Exhibit your favorite collectible minifigures in this attractive black LEGO® Minifigure Display Case, featuring a transparent clasp door and 16 separate compartments, each with a gray baseplate to keep your minifigures perfectly posed. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your … Some of mind were too close to the front glass to needed re-arranging. For my purposes, I bought the 50cm x 50cm version for £10, but a smaller one is also available. Here are two different ways to use the Ikea Ribba frame. Don’t do the foam back rather theme them for each series with paper for that series and the leaflet they came from. Ending Jan 13 at 6:22AM PST 4d 10h. I'm going to hold off on reading this until I can play Nanowar of Steel's song "Valhalleluja," about the church of IKEA. Second, build it in LDD. Maybe they’ll do this for us!! I think that you can achieve higher accuracy when cutting the back frame, as we’ll shortly see. The Museum Gel used is not permanent either.The only elements (hot) glued using my guide are the reverse slopes, and at any time, you can open the frame, and remove all minifigs with their accessories if you need to :)In my case, I'm very happy keeping them there permanently.That being said, hot glue is nothing like super glue, and isopropyl alcohol will easily separate it from the plastic elements with no damage at all and quite easily. For that reason, I'm always putting the minifigs and everything they came with into the frames. You additionally can not change any background pictures etc ie change the theme.There are better methods to make your frame as unique as the minifigures you place in it with precise results.Hope this helps. I was right – I ordered Bostik Hard Plastics adhesive from Amazon and this worked a treat. The result, as you can see below, is a frame with 6 rows containing 10, 8, 8, 8, 8, and 9 inverted slopes to hold all the minifigures and their accessories. The two 2 x 8 bricks on the sides act as “handles” and will help us with alignment of the tool. Now add your Minifigs to taste and carefully place the card into the frame. Using white, black, and gray craft paint, you can create the patina of galvanized metal. Made 4 big and 3 small Ribbas for Marvel and Star Wars figures like this. @Brick_t_ :Sorry for your experience. The most popular color? @Daysali Another vote for Kasseby! A simple, beautiful, functional piece of art is a big winner, and this Lego Minifigure frame display ranks top on our list. Easily changeable. I have been searching for a way to store my minifigs (especially Star Wars) that don’t fit on ships or buildings alike.

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