The cold winter climate has driven the design of Flow Proving Switch (Differential Pressure) shuts down the WSHP before unit can go into hard lockout faults due to water flow issues (ie. Stan and Chris DiStefano – highway construction general contractor. Standard heat pump problems: Keep in mind that for all its advantages, a geothermal system is still a heat pump similar in many ways to an air-source heat pump and can suffer from the same types of repair problems. An internal 24-volt, 55 VA transformer is protect itself, and will not come back on until power has provided to operate all control features of the heat pump. 2 Different Techs have been 3 times but can't isolate the problem. in normal display mode the green status light blinks. Low pressure fault in memory Flashing Code 3 ----- Cycling Code 3 Low temp ... • Check and correct any lockout condition present. Replace fuses/reset breaker. : 3/10/15 Tranquility ® Digital (DXM2) Troubleshooting Guide Table of Contents Introduction 2 Troubleshooting Flow Chart 3-9 Flow Chart Reference Symbols and Diagrams 10 Contactor Chart 12 Verifying Pump Feedback Signal 12 Removing Powerhead on Modulating Valve 13-14 … A professional HVAC technician can conduct additional maintenance activities on the system. Geothermal Heat Pump Has Lost Heat. Plus the non pressurized flow centers are usually placed before the circulator pump and the heat pump, thus any air in the loop would have been purged out before it hits the pump and the heat pump, … 5 If low pressure switch is present, see Flash Code 1 information. Low pressure drops 6. As a pioneer, and now a leader in the industry, the team of WaterFurnace engineers, customer support staff and skilled assembly technicians is dedicated to providing the finest : 4 April, 2014 2 Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Troubleshooting ClimateMaster Tranquility® Digital Packaged Heat Pumps is quite straightforward. So the blower starts but nothing else. pond located in front of the building serves as our geothermal heating and cooling source to comfort-condition our 110,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space. the manual says this is microprocessor malfunction. I received a high pressure lockout on my unit. I have a 5 ton heat controller unit that is only about 3 years old. To determine which caused the lockout, simply look at the CA and determine if it flashing one of the lockout conditions 2, 4, 6, 7." We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. After completing the checklist, if your geothermal system is still not working properly, call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200 … Reset. Either there isn’t enough water fl ow or the entering water temperature is improperly Prevents the need to manually reset the WSHP. At this point the tube containing the Freon moves through the region you want to cool, e.g. We have a 15 year old Climatemaster Horizontal Ground Loop Geothermal system that is having problems. 2 Condenser coil poor air circulation (dirty, blocked, damaged) 3 Condenser fan is not running. You can see both their 12,000 sq. High-pressure control open/Low-pressure control open; Miswiring of communications; REMEDY: Check for correct voltage at line voltage connections in condensing unit. Failure to heat is probably the first sign that something is wrong, but a complete lack of heat suggests a couple of simple reasons that you can fix in a few minutes. If the pressure is sufficient, make sure the loop pumps are operating. All coaxes are pressure rated to 450 psi water side and 600 psi on the refrigerant side. Designs for all applications, residential and commercial. When the unit does operate without tripping the sensor it does not produce the kind of heat that it should. Although many geothermal heat pump problems have simple solutions, all require immediate attention to prevent any permanent damage. Technicians will use an acid-flush to clean out the loops. - Furnace repair service heating installation HVAC ac repair heating rebate Hot Water Tanks, Boilers BC Furnace Vancouver Burnaby Surrey Coquitlam Richmond Water to Refrigerant Coaxial Heat Exchanger Coil Large oversized coaxial refrigerant to water heat ex-changers provide unparalleled efficiency. Also see high head pressure remedy. High head pressure, etc.). does this indicate i need a new board or does this happen if it is really low pressure meaning a need a charge. In terms of residential flow centers, the geothermal heat pump industry is divided into two camps: pressurized and non-pressurized. Check wiring. The geothermal ground loop needs to be reflushed if air is present. Replace transformer. Recently it has been tripping a low temperature lockout (FP1) sensor. You should watch for any codes that indicate high pressure switches or FP sensors. Low Pressure Switch Desuperheater Pump High Pressure Switch Hydronic Pump Relay . Furnace Lockout Reset Procedure. I have another update. System Pressure Trip - Discharge or vapor pressure out of limits or compressor overloaded: 1 Check high head pressure or discharge line sensor. Troubleshooting Guide - Tranquility® Digital (DXM2) Packaged Units Rev. The TXV is located in the compressor compartment for easy access. DIGITAL Geothermal Heat Pumps TE/TZ/TES/TEP 97B0601N01 Rev. If the pump is making noise, this is another sign of low pressure or air in the system. 4 Return air duct has substantial leakage. Also an update on low pressure lockout condition: Tech came out and after checking subcool with gauges determined everything seemed fine. In cool mode with outdoor temp 72F low side around 125 PSI and High side about 280PSI. Miami Heat Pump offers a superior quality water source heating and air conditioning system. If I power down at the breaker box, upon restart (after lockout time) it does it again the moment the startup signal arrives. Keep in mind that whenever the furnace control board shuts unit down, gas shuts off immediately, inducer continues running for 15 sec, and if blower is running it remains running at low-heat speed or reduces to low-heat speed for selected off delay. Check control board diagnostic codes. ft. building 4 years ago. I let the unit sit overnight last night and when I turned it on again this morning I still had a low pressure lockout after a minute or so of run time. "When the Comfort Alert senses a fault that the Premier2 board will act upon (lockout), the Envision Low Press/Comp LED will flash. 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS ... A. Lockout Lights XI. The pump should quiet down after repressurizing, *NOTE: Low loop pressure may be the result of pipe expansion do not immediately assume you have a leak in the loop! Fault Code 32 LOW-PRESSURE SWITCH FAULT—This fault can occur under the scenarios shown below. For low pressure, a technician can repressurize your system and check for leaks that may have caused the drop in pressure. The coaxes are designed for low pressure drop and low flow rates. Odly enou I changed the unit to cooling mode and ran it for around 10 minutes with no problems and then switched it back to heating mode and I did not have a low pressure lockout. to 49°C]) found in geothermal systems. he said could be a faulty Low pressure switch and to keep an eye on it and to call if it locks out on Low pressure again. Compressor A, which is Stage 1, keeps locking out with a High Pressure Fault. Then, subtract the high pressure from the low pressure to arrive at the Delta P. At this point, refer to the manufacturer’s specification book. geothermal systems. ft. home that we designed the geo- thermal system in 2003, and their offices in the 9,000 sq. Refrig-erant and coaxial heat and the word active is - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician. Our system says system malfunction alert 83 / low pressure lockout 4hrs 3 events active. All coaxes are Water-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchanger Coil Large oversized coaxial refrigerant-to-water heat exchangers provide unparalleled efficiency. This geothermal heat pump provides heated water and chilled water as well as optional domestic water heating capability. This lockout condition means that the unit on the electrical box cover panel of the GeoSource 2000 has shut itself down on a low or high-pressure switch to heat pump. ... Geothermal heat pumps work toward the preservation of … The coaxes are designed for low pressure drop and low flow rates. — High & low pressure switches — Lockout circuit — Unit protection module (UPM) standard in -CSC,-CSN models — Unit mounted controller (UMC) standard on -USC,-USN models Standard Warranty — 10 Year All Parts Limited Warranty — 10 Year Labor Limited Warranty A high pressure code can indicate that you have a problem with the water supply to the geothermal unit. Though lockout mode errors and resets do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, most use a simple reset procedure that involves turning power off to the furnace for thirty seconds or longer and turning it back. His low operating costs are reflected in how much energy the geothermal systems save. Most problems relate to water fl ow. After the heat pump has run for five or 10 minutes, check the water pressure by inserting a water pressure gauge into the PT port and recording the water pressure in and the water pressure out. Features include: waterless flow detection, adjustable differential pressure range, and durable outer shell. my waterfurnace unit shutsown on low pressure. Reset. There isn't much point in having a heat pump which doesn't produce heat, and this is a problem that you need to deal with right away. • FOUR BLINKS 2nd Stage low pressure lockout • FIVE BLINKS Freeze Protection lockout •SIX BLINKS Condensate overflow lockout • INTELLIGENT RESET - If a fault condition is initiated the 5 minute delay on break time period is initiated and the unit will restart after this delay expires. After reseting, the flowmeter indicated flow between 9 and 11.5 gpm, which did not cause an faults! Another geothermal heat pump maintenance homeowners can perform is to frequently remove foliage from the outdoor unit. The general alarm is initiated when the control goes into a manual lockout mode for either high pressure or low pressure. A FP sensor code can indicate that your system is low on charge, or you may have a bad FP sensor (there are 2). A flow center is a device that produces system flow and facilitates the removal of air and debris (through built in flush/purge ports) 1.The terms “pressurized” and “non-pressurized” indicate whether static pressure is held in the piping … ... Low Pressure Switch: Protects the refrigerant system from low suction pressure, if suction pressure falls below setting. ... geothermal heat pumps in Minnesota for over fifteen years. the refrigerator or blower of the air conditioner, absorbing heat from the warmer air around the tubes and cooling the air. This LED is shared by both the unit Low Pressure Switch and the CA. So the unit had a low pressure fault during stable 10 gpm flow. At this low pressure and room temperature, the Freon will evaporate and become a gas. Resetting it by disconnect used to fix the problem for anywhere from 2 hours to 11 hours. (Check fault code) • If compressor is operational, Verify that the voltage and amperage drawn is within designed parameters. A split systems allows the owner to retro-fit when converting to a WSHP system. However, this drops the temperature drastically . This scale can eventually cause the loops to develop clogging and high water pressure.

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