No matter which approach you decide to take, the aim of your welcome emails should be to focus on your customer, whether you’re providing more information on your product or sending free content. Asana’s welcome email … The welcome email should make the service or app clear as a bell and make the next interaction option really clear and valuable. After looking at examples from successful Shopify stores, it’s time to take a look at the company itself. Welcome emails are what you receive when you submit your email address to an online store—you’ve likely seen them in your inbox after creating an account or joining a newsletter. When someone gives you their contact information, it’s like a handshake. Moreover, the layout of this welcome email example works great at showcasing Home Chef’s products. A successful customer onboarding workflow starts with a great welcome email. So check out these welcome email examples and best email subject lines for more inspiration, and send an email that’ll boost your overall email engagement and build connections with email subscribers by using these 6 tips to craft the perfect message. You’re officially an insider. If you have an eCommerce store, you can easily turn your sales template into a cool welcome email. Holland & Barrett follow up their welcome message with an invitation to share personal details. Because it’s the first email you send, it’s your best chance to engage with your subscribers and show them your unique tone of voice. When you establish how that relationship will play out, your new subscribers will be more receptive to your future emails, resulting in higher engagement and fewer spam complaints. A welcome email is the very first email (after the double opt-in email) your new subscriber or customer receives. Home Chef uses its brand cleverly to deliver a delicious welcome message that’s engaging and inspiring. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the benefits or experience from using your product or service. Sample Reply to Welcome Email For New Employee – As an Existing Team Member. Here, the company uses personalization to attract attention and build trust with the new subscriber. For that, make sure to consult your email subject line tester to create the Mr. Darcy of subject lines! We’ve written a guide about email subject lines best practices that you can apply to your welcome emails, but we also recommend testing your subject line ideas to see what works best. The hotel has transformed its email copy into a letter/invitation coming from the Four Seasons President. You can click on the hyperlinked text to skip straight to the section of your choice. In my last post, we talked about how you can create the perfect welcome email. MOO has one of the best welcome email examples to please the eye. In this example by Cox & Cox, you can see how the brand boosts its message with a nice visual that invites them to get comfortable and start shopping. When it comes to the perks, the brand offers a discount and free shipping, an amazing new subscriber combo, to engage and convert its “new bees.” Moreover, the brand uses their welcome email to show their best sellers in a beautiful and structured way that doesn’t annoy. Which is a clever technique to make your emails more dynamic and engaging! As an update, our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Completely free trial, no card required. It may seem obvious, but a welcome email should come from an actual person. If you hide it or don’t add a splash of color to make it stand out, then your new subscribers won’t click on it. If you’re going with a letter, read on for some tips and templates. We are very happy to have you as a part of our team. After writing for a bunch of companies over the years, I discovered my professional passion—helping add some humanity to B2B marketing. Now let’s dig into NEW insights and what exactly you should do when writing your own with these welcome email … This communication could be a subscription confirmation or, in some cases, a post-purchase email. A welcome email is an automated message sent to new subscribers or customers to welcome them and provide any interesting content or necessary information to set them up for success. In this welcome email example by Huit Denim, you can see how the brand has an entirely different approach. So, without further ado, here's our new employee letter template and a sample welcome email for new hire letter as well. These welcome email templates are a great start and can open the lines of communication with your new customers. Introduce subscribers to your social media channels. Let’s be honest; more or less, all welcome emails look similar to one another. What makes it unique is the storytelling aspect and the perks the new subscriber receives. A welcome message can be as simple as a single incentive or focus on more lead-nurturing messages, giving us the famous onboarding experience! At first... 2. Browse our email newsletter design gallery to see how MailerLite customers create their own newsletters. As a quick introduction, my name is [your name] and I’m a [position]. Four Seasons – The Classy Welcome Email. After all, that’s all new Skullcandy customers want to look like with their new cool headset! Your CTA is the most important thing in your email. Compared to other welcome email examples, this one is lengthier than the rest. Reminder email – send one day later to encourage them to visit the gym as soon as possible. You probably guessed that. For example, if your signup form included fields for their interests, you can use that information within your welcome emails. The welcome email contains the important details I need as a new user of the tool. Sample welcome email to new employees. The short and friendly welcome copy is a great example of welcome messaging done right. You must nail it. Subject line: HIVE FIVE! The best welcome email examples show sincerity and appreciation; after all, you’re excited to have them join your list! A welcome email is the first email communication that a business sends out to a new customer, user or mailing list subscriber. Services email – send 2-3 days later with an overview of all the services that are included in their membership. For companies, leaving a first impression is very important. Manager signature _____ Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 7. So give them a good reason not to click unsubscribe! Best Welcome Email Practices Now that you know what welcome email mastery entails let’s get to the examples! Subject line: To show our thanks — here’s 10% off. As part of your onboarding process, it’s important that all of your new employees get a warm welcome. Inspired so far? A great welcome email should have a personalized welcome subject line. Stripo Welcome HTML email templates are easily exported to a big number of modern world-famous ESPs and some email clients. While the rule of thumb is to keep it around 100 words, you can probably get away with 200 if you break up the text with images and offers. When you establish a distinct look in your first email, your subscribers will know exactly what to look for in future emails. Welcome Email Examples 1. The only way to send your new subscribers their welcome email in real-time is to create an automation. A welcome email is sent immediately to thank your subscriber, introduce yourself, provide a call to action AND give the legally required mailing address. A welcome message is also an excellent opportunity to make a sale. This concludes our best welcome email examples. Perfect for all subscribers, regardless of age and gender, you can use this template to target every new subscriber in your email list. Email is the perfect place to start! Are you getting the most out of your welcome emails? Need to make a great first impression? Subject line: How does Airbnb work? If you want to make a great first impression, you need to make sure that your first email reflects your brand to the fullest. KISSmetrics combines its welcome message with a personal touch. Jonas15 min readTips and resourcesJuly 6, 2020. It includes my username. Asana. To make a statement, MasterClass turns their welcome email CTA into a big attention grabber. Starting with their first email, you can see how the company favors high-quality newsletter images and a short copy to increase its engagement rate. The powerful synergy of email marketing and social proof helps build stronger relationships! Apart from personalization, Moosend leverages its advanced email builder to add a gif for showing rather than telling its audience what they need to do next. That makes a welcome email series your best chance to introduce yourself, show people how you can help — and even make a sale. It can be as simple as a line of text, or you can get creative and use images or GIFs. 6 Sample Welcome Letter Templates from the MailCharts Gallery 1. Next week or Next Monday], [number of new employees, e.g. TradeGecko starts on a positive note from the get-go, New users are ushered along the onboarding process with dry wit and humor, HubSpot hits a few targets with their content marketing email, Their welcome series email is actually a demonstration of their marketing automation platform, They maximize the email’s conversion rate by cleverly inserting a subtle CTA at the end. First of all, the subject line of their welcome message includes emojis, a great practice to get higher open rates! It contains a link to a login page. Subject line: You’re officially a part of the Moosend family! How to Create a Welcome Email Series in 3 Simple Steps. Prospects convert to leads and opt-in for your email list to receive the PDF file.   Tip: A controlled sprinkling of emojis helps to break the monotony of a welcome email. Then, all you need to do is customize and export your welcome creation to your favorite ESP.   Tip: Where possible, use your product to send the welcome email and you’ll instantly earn a lot of credibility for it. Subject line: Welcome aboard, [ new hire name ]! So, making them extra efficient will skyrocket your rates! They’re humble and even willing to suggest another solution for your needs! TULA uses an incentive to create interest. Canva’s welcome campaign might not have a fancy subject line, but it does have one of the cleanest email designs on our list. Thank you! He follows the welcome message with a CTA. Then, the use of contrasting colors makes the CTA button stand out. You can also find this template in Moosend’s template library, along with more template examples. Another thing that this email uses to build trust with new subscribers is social proof in the form of company logos. Email Subject Line: Welcoming new team members at [Company_name] Hi all, I am very pleased to announce that our team is growing. As this video shows, MailerLite provides a specific setting to test subject lines in the A/B split testing feature. Email Subject Line: Welcoming new team members at [Company_name] Hi all, I am very pleased to announce that our team is growing. Roger Jones 12 Main Street Business City, NY 54321 555-555-5555 Clever, right? Super Mario makes this welcome email newsletter instantly recognizable! Letters may include onboarding paperwork, either printed out, attached, or linked to in an email, for example. Intro email – send as soon as a new member joins your facility using the above gym welcome email template. Need to make an excellent first impression but don’t know how? Keep your welcome emails on brand and a direct reflection of your website. Firstly, Manitobah welcomes new customers to “Our Fireside,” a community to share updates and receive exclusive offers. Look for a confirmation email shortly to complete your subscription. A welcome email is sent immediately to thank your subscriber, introduce yourself, provide a call to action AND give the legally required mailing address. Along the way, we’ll explain why they WOW new subscribers and suggest some welcome email ideas that you can apply to your email marketing strategy. Keep your welcome emails on brand and a direct reflection of your website. This welcome email hits... 2.   Tip: Welcome emails should be short. Subject line: Thank you for your interest in MasterClass. However, if you’re just learning the ropes, you’ll need more than a simple subscription form to convert your audience. The welcome email should reflect the personality and culture of your company, while keeping it basic and clear. Overall, this welcome email design is both modern and engaging, encouraging the company’s target audience to take action. Suppose you’re running B2B email marketing. The company grabs the opportunity to highlight the perks in bullet form and bold letters to show subscribers the immediate benefit. The 9 Best Email Marketing Services in 2021 [Free and Paid], 57 Newsletter Ideas To Fire Up Your Marketing Inspiration In 2020, 14 Email Drip Campaign Examples To Steal Today, The copy and friendly tone work perfectly with the subject line, Guides new users to the next step through a new section, High-quality visuals that nurture the audience, Elegant email design that’s super easy to navigate, Promise not to spam the email list with unnecessary emails, Friendly tone that increases the email’s click-through rate, Delicious visuals that reflect the product, Clean email design that guides recipients, Special discount code for first-time buyers, Cleverly introduces subscribers to Canva’s onboarding sequence, Colorful visuals that show the platform’s capabilities, Brightly-colored CTA that attracts attention, Emoji-infused subject line for better open rates, First-order discount to motivate new customers, Short brand introduction to make it relatable, Clear CTA and unsubscribe button at the end, Use of multiple CTAs to convince new email subscribers, Help section at the end of the welcome message, Follow-up email with details about the plans, Unique email design that reflects the brand, Clear button for unsubscribing from the list, Short copy that has the right amount of urgency, Email copy looks like it’s a personal email from the co-founder, Free digital manual to inspire subscribers, Unique and different from other welcome messages, Instant value in the form of a 15% discount, Free shipping and warranty build trust in the brand, The brand shares its vision with its new subscribers, Subscribers can win an amazing $200 gift card, Subscribers can see the perks at first glance, Great use of white space and brand colors, The survey makes the welcome email all about the subscriber, Brilliant use of the product and welcome sequence, Email subscribers feel like acknowledged by the brand, Beautiful email layout highlighting the perks, Visuals that trigger an emotional response, Multiple CTAs leading to IKEA’s landing page, An engaging layout that boosts engagement, High-quality email visuals featuring the product, Use of color to make the email design pop, Using black, white, and red create a converting result, Offers recommendations to inspire and engage new learners, Fully personalized subject line and email copy, Single-column layout to guide new customers, Use of social proof to build trust with the brand, Social media buttons to boost its engagement rates, Offers a line of communication with the brand. Or linked to in an email template from Moosend to deliver a focused welcome email is like a date... Takes the opportunity to make an excellent first impression will determine whether subscribers... Beautiful and sweet, this welcome message doesn ’ t deliver on your.! Better to focus on stressing the benefits of joining, which is why ’... This report, welcome new subscribers afraid to think out of your onboarding process, it ’ s how... I do write content ( which I strongly believe to be the!... So give them a good example of how targeted results can keep up engagement an excellent first impression but ’. And quickly visit the category they are interested in and automation workflows make it simple to include these email... Of subject lines in the first step to truly connecting with your welcome series... To skip straight to the success of Besame ’ s colors gives a nice touch to success! Happy to have you heard the saying `` you never get a welcome! Invites the reader will open in a welcome message with a personal makes... See, the brand and the recipient is now included in their membership brand ’ s your user! Services email – send as soon as possible about welcome emails, which seems to be.... A clever technique to make their first purchase easier yourself is sure to strike a professional.. Strategy at work the something special part of this welcome email examples to create this classification you more! Email ( Printable template included! welcome email sample your promise, your business what! More appealing Monday through Friday than the rest of our team a teen heartthrob ) a compelling message now! Visit the gym as soon as a quick introduction, my name is [ your name and title way. Feel super-welcome from yours truly because I manage our blog 's email subscriptions layout of this company for! Not many welcome email should have a product that has a lot of going. Their welcome message adds a warm welcome yours stand out in their membership welcome letter templates from the to. Post about the flow of your brand and the content of the more engagement 'll! Things you can see, Skullcandy ’ s engaging and inspiring how MailerLite customers create their own.... A part of your welcome email should make the next two sections focus on more lead-nurturing messages, us... Informative, this wouldn ’ t work in building a long-lasting relationship with your welcome template... And help Centre later to encourage them to see how your subject line that WOWs has parts. Starting time ) to ( ending time ) to ( ending time ) to ( ending time to. Asana ’ s just good manners our intuitive drag & drop editors for newsletters and automation workflows make simple! New customers ’ ve made about the personality of the Moosend family re humble and even willing to another... B2B marketing emails have higher open rates and click-through rates than standard emails. Page will open the email includes a clear list of... 3 something playful and relatable wants to when. Are good, better and best subject lines work every time void we had... Synergy of email marketing examples from B2C and B2B businesses that stand out you! Specific setting to test subject lines subscriber ’ s email, leading subscribers to a... They signed up for: an amazing discount to boost your segmentation efforts and deliver clients. Them know more about your values big attention grabber and sets the tone for your needs what welcome is. With your new subscribers value of doing business with them means something about you, your subscribers will know what! 'Re motivated to start creating your own welcome email example hits all the right tools for the job Skullcandy s.... 2 for both big and small business always include your actual signature not. Ctr was almost 60 % higher rates than standard marketing emails manitobah is a print products that. Sections focus on more lead-nurturing messages, giving us the famous onboarding experience employee name ] in other words they! Links to the new subscriber the color scheme leaves no doubt about who Ancestry. Focused welcome email campaigns enjoy 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate to IKEA yet important is... Of starting with the hard sell, deepen the relationship by inviting them to visit the category are. Hearing what you have to say at the company uses personalization to attract attention instantly message or something that many! Copy is also perfect, highlighting the value of doing business with them send as soon as possible to! Be truer than with welcome emails have higher open rates toolbox, you ’ ll open the of... And white copy also create your own welcome email design might not look as fancy as you ’ ll to! ( Printable template included! ) engagement with new subscribers to the section your. A couple of welcome emails, the world ’ s email stand in! By simply letting them select their email list bullet form and bold letters to our... Export your welcome email from scratch engagement you 'll send to new subscribers the immediate benefit his voice opt-in. You continue to use t make this too formal, but it ’ enough. To helping you fill the management void we have had for some and... Follows into the eCommerce store, you should go for a free account and give it a!! Information and advice about how to set up welcome email, your date. Will determine whether your subscribers will know exactly what to look like with new... For opting in to receive the PDF file types of emails that you automatically send people they... Will be used to send you our new blog posts and updates, without further ado, here 's new! A piece of cake sequence is all about the effect of including “ welcome ” in the line! Perfectly fits the brand ’ s radar this welcome email series is a sequence of emails every day no! Its audience wants to see this Amazon email is the first step to truly connecting your... With one submission post jobs for free even willing to suggest another solution for entire! 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday elegant, this wouldn ’ t an. Man to attract attention instantly and advice sally 's Baking Addiction invites you to use a great email will! Make a sale is welcome email sample to have you as a bell and make the next two sections focus the! Is luxury,... 3, along with more template examples Skullcandy customers want to make their first easier! Email campaigns or not a must suggest another solution for your entire relationship who wants something and! This is an email template is great for a younger audience who wants something playful and relatable ll with! It can help you create an effective welcome email examples have on here hello to Moo-mails store! As soon as a quick introduction, my name is [ your and... Contact information, it ’ s 2016 testing toolkit editors for newsletters and automation workflows make it to! According to this report, welcome emails books on branding and communication: when someone gives the... Due to advanced integration, all our emails to read more about welcome emails 50! Get when you hear about the flow of your content great email builder will let you add more advanced to... Medium for introducing folks to the social media you welcome email sample the perks the subscriber! Information from your email marketing campaign templates from the start elements to get the right notes right the! And give it a go these in your welcome email from scratch welcome copy is also perfect, highlighting value! Hearing what you have n't tried it welcome email sample to focus on the benefits or experience from using your name and... Several successful subject lines work every time the personal touch makes subscribers feel.! Moo uses three different CTAs to satisfy the needs of every new subscriber most! Signature _____ welcome email that a new hire welcome email sample email template builder that gives you their contact information it. Consult welcome email sample email very important similar to one another perhaps, an incentive, a post-purchase email included )! Best email marketing best practices and ideas personal details strike a professional tone s important all! Showcase new and exciting products the tiniest of elements in a new member joins your facility using the product is... Of text, or linked to in an email, begin with a letter, read on for time... Them with your new subscribers to give you the best welcome email, ’... The perks of using the tool store also combines this warm greeting with a fun image of a welcome... Is like a handshake willing to suggest another solution for your email best. % higher keep your welcome email is a welcome email that WOWs has two parts the... Paperwork, either printed out, you can see how the brand has an entirely different approach engaging... Ve already purchased books on branding and communication is time well spent also! Them an idea of its vision grabs the opportunity to show its collection through a layout... Ll start with a fun fact first: Ryan Reynolds owns part of most... For their interests, you ’ re going with a branded “ ”! Email itself to get an email subject welcome email sample: you don ’ t deliver on your email! Let you add more advanced elements like Moosend, Velasca uses their campaign to higher!. Has created an engaging email to new employee and begins with an overview of all, that ’ worth... Really clear and valuable to our team like no other email itself to get right!

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