Folding- 42-in. Cool Canes at Classy Walking Canes. Caneworld, is the largest supplier of Lloyd loom furniture in Southern Africa. A person with a visual impairment may use a white cane to better survey their surroundings, making note of potential obstacles or hazards. All Terrain Cane - 4-Section Alum. Marshmallow Tip – Usually formulated with durable nylon, this tip won’t easily get stuck in sidewalk cracks. Get the best deals on Blind Cane when you shop the largest online selection at Folding- 50-in. These SBUs manufacture hand woven cane and material woven products. The mobility cane is telescopic from 36 cm to 124 cm. We have Classy Walking Canes, Pimp Canes, Exquisite Canes, Cool and Fashionable Canes, Walking Cane Store, Walking Cane height chart and cane tips. Or if you want to get in touch with them about replacing the cane-tip only you can try emailing them directly at . Folding Mobility Cane for the Vision Impaired and Blind, 127 cm in 4 Sections, Aluminium Alloy Walking Stick 4.4 out of 5 stars 98 £15.39 £ 15 . Cane tips come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different circumstances and situations. With the growth of the company we hope to employ blind and visually impaired workers. Holding the cane by the handle and with their index finger pointed along the cane shaft, pointing toward the cane tip that is resting on the ground, users will sweep the cane side to side in an arch about the width of their body, with the cane tip touching the ground at the end of each sweep. There are several different types or sizes of canes for the individual’s preferred taste, but the basic measurement for a white cane is that it should be long enough that it comes up to the user’s arm-pit or sternum with the tip resting on the floor. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. I need it within two days, so buying online is not an option. You don't necessarily need a white stick or cane if you are blind or partially sighted, although many people do find them very useful. If you’re still in two minds about blind cane and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers. We can custom make the cane from 54 to 65 inches. 99. 4-Section Alum Folding Cane with Rolling Tip 44-in, Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days, Adjustable Folding Support Cane f-t Blind 33-37-in, Adjustable Folding Support Cane f-t Blind 37-40-in. It is also useful for sighted onlookers, who gain awareness that someone blind is in their presence and may need support in staying safe. To accomplish tasks such as navigating escalators, going up and down stairs, finding doorways, feeling for curbs or uneven pavement and many other mobility applications, visually impaired individuals start by holding the cane at the level of their waist in whatever hand is most comfortable. S P P O 7 N S O Y O R E D M M M P N 5 M. Folding Cane Blind Foldable White Walking Cane Collapsible Mobility Stick. You may be able to choose whether to rent or buy … While they are great for transport, folding canes can tend to be less sturdy, become more prone to wear-and-tear, and may not provide the same type or amount of navigational feedback as a straight cane. For more information, click on one of the categories above or simply browse for more details on our canes for the blind store to see what best fits your needs. Save this search. Get outdoor bamboo blinds for a cool shade. Every day, blind people rely on a white cane for safety and independence. But, it can be heavy, possibly causing wrist fatigue when used for longer lengths of time. You hold the cane in front of you to … Cane Benefits. Hulet Smith, OTRehabmart Co-Founder & CEO, Founded by Occupational & Physical Therapists, Operated by Occupational & Physical Therapists, Wooden Cane for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Adjustable Folding Support Cane For The Blind, Reizen Lite Rigid Graphite Cane - varied heights, Spirit Flex 4-Section Aluminum Folding Cane. Some canes have special features that may be beneficial to you. A quality white cane is critically important for any blind person. Gel grips on cane handles provide a cushioned surface that is comfortable to hold onto. - - - Folding Cane Blind Man Stick Walking Cane for Blind People - 49 inch Collapsible White Cane Mobility Aids Assist Tool Foldable Cane for The Blind and Visually Impaired Products. Long Cane - A traditional type of white cane, the long cane, also known as a probing cane, is primarily used as a mobility tool to detect objects in the user’s path. Rolling Ball Tip - This cane tip is usually about the size of a small apple and is designed for easier maneuvering along sidewalks because it rolls over cracks in the sidewalk, providing a smoother walking experience. White canes usually come in two basic types; a straight cane and a folding cane. While it usually highlights a long lasting nylon tip, this thinner tip does have a tendency to get stuck in sidewalk cracks and uneven surfaces. That's why all our canes are American-made, crafted from high-quality aluminum. I have a project that involves a walking cane for the blind...the kind you can fold. Green Cane - In some countries, a green cane will designate the user has low vision or is vision impaired, while a white cane signifies the user is blind. Finding the right ID or mobility cane helps someone who is blind or visually impaired gain increased independence and freedom, and this is precisely why we offer such a varied selection of canes, cane accessories and cane tips for the blind and visually impaired from leading brands like Ambutech, Reizen and Europa right here in the Maxi-Aids store. If tie downs are required, they should only be used in light winds, and the system we offer includes a hook and elastic piece that is threaded through the bottom of the blind. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. All Terrain Cane - 4-Section Alum. Popularly known as ‘white canes’, canes and sticks for the blind are specially designed to assist the mobility of visually impaired people. They are all contracted to CTSB and are therefore self-employed. It is also swept diagonally across the user’s body for protection in warning the user of obstacles that are placed immediately ahead. All Terrain Cane - 4-Section Alum. C $24.05. The National Federation of the Blind states that the greater length and lightness of a straight cane can allow for greater safety and mobility, whereas a collapsible cane can be easily collapsed and stored away for travel, giving more advantage in crowded areas such as business meetings, movie theaters, and classrooms.

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