Massey Place Divers. Meet the Bernedoodles. Similarly, the Poodle has a reputation as one of the most clever breeds, and can also be a very active … We have been blessed with four ambitious daughters who keep us endlessly occupied with their sports and activities. Total price of sheepadoodle is $3400 (includes GST). Top 10 Best Puppy Food [2021] – Wet And Dry . Apply. Browse the largest, most trusted source of Mini Aussiedoodle puppies for sale. These pups are 3rd generation doodle to poodle … Thank you for stopping by! Happy, Healthy Bloodline. In fact, we don’t even like the term “breeder”. Aussiedoodles for sale Ontario. $ 1800 . Elevage Infos . I have for sale a healthy & happy Aussiedoodle puppy that's intelligent and easy to train. Upcoming Litters: We expect to be breeding several Bernedoodles in the fall of 2020. Because it's crossed with various types of poodles, we use some of the colors descriptions of the aussie with the poodle. Just a short drive to the beach community of Goderich. Our girls and boys are an important part of our family. Les chiens sont très actifs et sont bien autour des enfants , ce qui les rend appropriés animaux de la famille . We are currently breeding Aussiedoodles in 2 sizes and Whoodles. These dogs are adopted as pets by people who have mild to medium allergies to dogs and dog fur. Thank you for your interest in our puppies. 2 thoughts on “ Aussiedoodles for sale Ontario ” Tammy Power says: October 15, 2017 at 9:35 am. Waitlist will open approximately April 2021. Amadeus Aussiedoodles. One male and one female. A brilliant breed, often referred to as the “Einstein breed”, Aussiedoodles can learn commands and instructions rather quickly and are great working dogs. She's up-... November 13, 2020. Like Like. All of our dogs are health tested through PawPrints Genetics and … Thank goodness, they share my love for the animals. Please let us know if you have any questions. Waitlist will open approximately March 2021. We are a small aussiedoodle or aussiepoo breeder in Northern California. We are placing puppies all over Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Maryland, Washington State, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois. Chocolate and black Aussiedoodle puppies for sale . F1b Standard Aussiedoodle Litter Mother-to-Be: Cleo click here to see her Father-to-Be: Frank click here to see him Litter Status: Waiting for Heat Cycle to Begin. A future litter of mini Aussiedoodle puppies is expected for February 14. Looking to add an aussiedoodle to our family. Availability. Appearance . Our dogs are raised inside our home so they know the hustle and bustle of family life. Ready to Expand Your Family? Aussiedoodles. JAMMININ AUSSIEDOODLE PUPPIES We have one litter on the floor and READY FOR PICK UP FEBRUARY 13, 2021 [female cream puppy in purple framed photo] RESERVED by LW [female apricot puppy in pink framed photo] RESERVED by CB AND taking names for the WAITING LIST. Colours Possible: red, red tuxedo, black, black tuxedo, chocolate, chocolate tuxedo, blue merle or red merle. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Statistically, this is a mix mainly of Poodle and resembles less of an Aussie doodle. Somewhat confusingly, the Australian Shepherd has very little connection with Australia, but is a very popular companion dog in the United States, where it was developed as a working dog. One might argue that a poodle or border collie is smarter, but the intelligent, friendly bouncy AussieDoodle dog breed will surprise you. Puppies, Dogs For Sale in Ontario, Looking to buy,sell Puppies, Dogs in Ontario? An Aussiedoodle's coat is different than a double coated dog and can be shaved without damaging the hair. Colours Possible: red, red tuxedo, black, black tuxedo, chocolate, chocolate tuxedo, chocolate (red) merle or blue merle. A mix of Australian Shepherd and Poodle, the Aussiedoodle is known for their intelligent and affectionate nature. F1B Aussie doodle dogs have curlier coats and undergo less shedding of the coats. She was born on September 21, 2020. We are located just under an hour north west of Kitchener, two hours west of Toronto and an hour north of London in beautiful Huron County. Like most designer breeds, the Aussiedoodle likely originated during the 1990s, which is when designer dogs became very sought-after. I have 9 weeks old Aussiedoodle puppies for sale. The Best AussieDoodle, SheepaDoodle, and BerneDoodle Breeders, at AwesomeDoodle Who is AwesomeDoodle? Amadeus AussieDoodles, Brussels, Ontario. "Aussiedoodle" Australian Shepherd/Poodle mixed dog breed information, including pictures, characteristics, and facts. * Our application is not available ahead of time*. Back to Index. Aussiedoodle-MI breeding pairs will produce many different colors and patterns including Blue Merle, Red Merle, Tri-color, Brindle, Phantom, Silver, Chocolate, Cafe-Au-Latte and more. The aussiedoodle can be blue merle, red merle, merle, white and tan, or black and white. Post navigation . The demand for Aussiedoodle puppies is high at this time resulting in a large volume of emails and text messages. Safe affordable shipping all over US. Our farm nestles the northern shores of Lake Ontario just west of Kingston. I want to go over what we offer for sizes and explain a Toy, Mini, Moyen and Standard sized Aussiedoodle dog.

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