The video above demonstrates that even if your invincibility runs out you can get over the Krook. The most important thing is to spawn the invincibility barrel before the beetle while the hook is still loaded so the IDs are correct. 0:09 Make sure to climb the vine fast enough so you load the invincibility barrel while the Krook's hook is still out. Press "down" on the control pad about five or six more times, and you will Clash by quickly letting go of and repressing Y when Dixie automatically turns around. Take the climb slowly to ensure everything is correct. while climbing to a barrel, that will take you to a platform where you will If you have a really slow climb and you're convinced the ids are messed up you can save it by despawning / respawning the squawks box. return to the cabin. Kannonball into it. "YA SAD LAD" -- Y A