While fast travel is a recently added addition in Ver 1.9 for Switch, the developers intend you to not fast travel here as you are supposed to go to your island or any other island manually instead. In Awan's words, Mayo is "only curious" about the beach bar's recipes. When Koa finds Dunna on her island and asks for guidance regarding a gigantic Elit structure, Dunna will detail that it is a research platform that is drilling into the seabed perhaps mining for Mahla. We will refer to him as "CB" for short from here on. The next time you take control, you will be on your favourite spot on the reclaimed island and you will be able to start the final Koa quest if you talk to Napopo. Look for the submerged necklace in the area of the Map indicated by Saimi. Aquila's nature seems to be one that takes care of his niece and doesn't pursue conflict or business interests. Bring the Materials for the Repair to CB, so he can fix the spill at the station. After you return with the fixed necklace, Saimi will share a short story of her past with Haku, who was once a Captain of the Mara Navy. After some congratulations for the victory over Ereti, Rigatta will ask for a favour. Now when you sail to the outcrop (A5), you will find an ensemble of pirates meeting to the south of it in their ships. Akaji will detail that Fink, the Elit woman, was particularly unpleasant in her approach in purchasing the forge but before you can hear more details you will hear a familiar voice from within the forge doors. Collect the Money, return to the Bank, and pay the debt of the women in the market. The Dragonborn may purchase an Amulet of Mara from Maramal, which adds a 10 percent bonus to Restoration spells when equipped and allows the Dragonborn to marry certain citizens. Her findings include the connection between many points in Mara ranging from ones used by early sailors to navigate and refuel with Mahla at the holy fountains to modern points of reference like the Elit Stations. When you get back to your island, you will find that Fink is there on the northern shore and that her Elit technology is close to triangulating something that would interest their society of Progress. I came across a conversation about the amulet of mara and became curious and want to find it. Saimi has Jet's gramophone as her own memory of Jet, but offers it to Koa to help with getting Ereti to engage her seriously. Should they accept, both of you will receive a Ring of Mara, which results in an experience bonus when you group together. Written guide below ... 1. Unfortunately, the "something" seems to relate to the Elit's actions on your island and the sea around it has been polluted purple like the Elit Stations/Qwe Tree though the fish have not mutated yet. Rigatta will like you to ask her uncle Aquila to appraise the value of the spyglass while she gathers the pirates for you. Collect the Materials needed to upgrade the Boat and bring them to Caleb. Try bringing Dunna a Salad made with Taima's recipe. When you return with everything for Caleb, you get the upgraded boat which can travel even further beyond but the first objective is to report to Dunna before setting off. She wants to maintain her freedom and autonomy without being dragged around. When you get to Edegan with the money, Koa will explain where the money came from which doesn't dissuade the banker from accepting the payment and keeping his end of the deal by sparing some ink. When you get to Saimi, she will recognise Ereti as the daughter of Jet, who was a friend of Yaya Haku in her Navy days but he disappeared in recent years. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening. Speak with Saimi to make Dunna listen to you. If you would like to make the Silver Hammer, you'll need to buy two Copper Ingots (not a typo!) After a mishap where Koa mistakes Noho and Caleb as "Yayas", she is informed her grandma was a "Qüido". The new possible map locations to visit E3 (Orientalis Temple), F3 (Abandoned Station) and F2 (Qwe Tree). Mûn is an NPC who has some quests that is not visible on the map. Go back to Koa's Island. You can also talk to the priest of Mara in Riften (I can't remember his name, but he's in The Bee and the Barb chastising people for drinking). After the Elit announces that that the "Baron" will return to demolish all that we have created, Koa will recall how Yaya Haku said that the Guardians would open the door when the island is in danger. Apparently, their society is technologically obsessed at any cost to the point that they erode the natural resources of planets for their own sake before going on to another. It's in the south east corner of your map.2. If you are short of funds, the quickest way to make money would be selling your items especially your raw metals from the Mine and Mine Interior which you should be able to reach if you do the correct quests. When being told about Akaji's services, Litio seems to have a problem with going to Qälis to get his ship repaired for some reason. Finishing this conversation is when you can finally start your Pilly Quests with your first one being here. Koa needs to bet something of value and win a race against Ereti in order to get all of the pirate's support to take action and that leaves her with no option but to ask Saimi at the lighthouse for guidance. The Bonds of Matrimony This woman has claimed her sanctuary at my chapel. Head to the Qwe Tree and catch a Fish to bring it to Dunna. Now you have the cannons in working order, you just need to find Litio in the sea nearby Puni Cave (B4) then you can attempt to recruit Litio to your cause to destroy the giant Elit stations. And you trigger it by leaving the island zone to the north, where you will meet Taima who will hear out your struggles and suggest that you make a special salad to win over Dunna as words aren't enough. Once you have all you need, you'll be able to have a polite chat and exchange for some advice but you will need to prove that your relation to Haku and how you got the letter by bringing something from your home island. When you do, you will get the recipe for Flour (Wheat x 2) which you can craft in your kitchen and can move onto the new step. Apparently "we" (Blu and an unknown group of spirits - most being peaceful?) Afterwards, you'll return to the main mission again and when you reach Black Volcano (C1), you should try to find the floating robot in front of a stone dome to the east side of the area. You can talk to Onzo and other quest characters at this point around the island to give them the food for them to sample and there is unique dialogue based on who you give it to. Coal can be made by burning trees on your home island, but also other wooden objects or bushes if you find a torch to interact with, Milly also sells them for 9 coins each. Edegan sees the development plans from the Elit as a valuable business opportunities even if they were to reform the land, sea and sky of Mara. You will need to bring five watermelons to appeal to the pirate captains when you get to the Forbidden Outcrop (A5) before you can advance further and race. Upon completion you get an active effect called Agent of Mara if I remember right. The actual requirements to satisfy the quest are just 5 bars of clay (each is made of 4 stones, not hard to come by) and 10 bars of metal. Fortunately, Ereti will speak with the other pirates about the Elit problem while you do so which leads to the next quest. Travel south and search for Dunna's island. Found it in Blackreach, in Sinderion's Field study house. After you've looted the broken necklace (and perhaps other goods), you can make your way back to the lighthouse on Qälis where you will hear about the history of it. Give her the tusk, go to the Temple of Mara in Riften, buy the Amulet of Mara there, go back to Whiterun, propose to her, get married a day later back in the Temple of Mara in Riften. As of the Ver. Koa lost her patience and is now unable to reach Dunna for help, but hopefully Saimi can help. Afterwards, you just need to go to the Forbidden Outcrop (A5) to find Ereti and show her the flower. After you return with the two barrels, You can complete the quest and move onto the next one. It’s also home to the Temple of Mara. Speak with the inhabitants of Qälis and figure out a way to make Saimi open the door. When you get to Aquila, Koa will eavesdrop on his deal with Fink over an item of high value. He will still give some information after Koa is polite to him and accept the gift when the quest ends. Now that you have a Navy themed set of clothes and more importantly, the means to upgrade your boat and explore more of Mara. It seems that her map of Mara will take some time so the lightkeeper asks if you can do a favour while she finishes. Onzo finds you right outside Saimi's door and be able to advise you on how to get your grandmother's sphere back with his diary. Return to Dunna so that she can give you Instructions about the Elits. Added areas are Blacket Island (B5), Septentrion Temple (D5), Áter Island (E5), Copper Cay (E4), Orientalis Temple (E3), Withered Island (D2), Black Volcano (C1), Nakitu Island (B2) and Silver Cay (A3). Finmakin. After entering the city through the main gate, keep heading straight down the main street and the Temple of Mara will be on your left (you can’t miss it — the outside wall has two red banners displayed on either side of the gate). Bring the Spyglass to Aquila in exchange for a good reward. After you can prepare the Yummy Fish (Redtail Catfish x 1, Carrots x 1, Orange Jam x 1) at any kitchen, you just need to find your way back to Saimi's lighthouse. You need to get Mara's amulet - you can buy it from Maramal or obtain it in other ways. After you have played all of the spheres into the door, you can enter and trigger a 2D cinematic which will show Akaji leading the pirates against the Elit Stations and also the Baron being wiped out completely by the jellyfish like spirit beyond the door which seems to be tied to your Yaya in some way. When you go to meet Dunna again, she may be in her dome shaped home and will attempt to delay by encouraging you to upgrade your tools yet again. After you return with Blackberry Juice x 1, CB will accept the gift of "fake Dadiva" and detail how his work involves repairing and maintaining the cooling system. To demonstrate what you've learned so far, Noho gave you some dragonflies to use as bait (he also sells them if you run out) and expects you to return with a Sardine. She recommends that you can go to the market to get batteries, which is the only place on the island where you can buy them. This temple is your destination. Check Koa Quest 67 for a reminder for on how to get those flowers. Each one requires Wood x 3, Coal x 4 and Banana x 2 so it is a bit resource intensive if you haven't collected Bananas from Iron Island (D4) or Silver Cay (A3). After a close race with Ereti, Koa will claim a clean win but still give the flower over to Ereti. I'll try that if it don't work ill just continue to search for the amulet. Mind that they take 7 days to regrow if you don't have any on your island at any point so you should sleep over and over again to help speed it up. It makes sense to ask Onzo who has a habit of eating sunflower seeds and also sells them. Speak with Onzo about learning how to make a Sleeping-bag. Tell Akaji you want to upgrade your Hammer. You just need two spare Sunflowers to be able to make Vegetable Oil at your workshop then you need to return to the lighthouse to meet Saimi. When you get the bank, Edegan doesn't seem to be sweetened up by the offer. i was searching "how to get married". So you must head for the Guardian's Door and remove the seal with the Chrystalis spheres. When you get there, Saimi is not surprised by how Dunna has been difficult to reach. Some establishments are only open at certain times of day and it affects the availability of some characters more than others (Noho is always available at the south pier to talk to). The next goal is to find a way to make Saimi "open the door". He will explain the procedure of how to get married. The trench lies within the B5 Zone near Blacket Island if you can find the diving flag on the minimap and the related buoy. Akaji also takes an interest in Litio and his voyaging ship. After upgrading the boat with a new engine and set of oars, there are nine new islands that you can visit though your quest options won't expand immediately. Collect the ink by talking to Edegan, the banker. The controls for movement are the same as usual and after you reach the finishing fireworks & buoys in first place, Litio will retort that his ship had a failure which stopped him from claiming victory. Hmm, all you needed to do was buy an amulet, or find one in your travels. You can also talk to the priest of Mara in Riften (I can't remember his name, but he's in The Bee and the Barb chastising people for drinking). Apparently, it was Yaya Haku's necklace that sank 40 years ago. Bring the Necklace to Akaji, the blacksmith, so she can fix it. That can wait till you have seen Saimi as Blu recommends. Once you get to the Forbidden Outcrop with the fruit, you will be cut off by Rigatta who will ask you to pay the sea fare which happens to be... Fortunately, there is a submerged trench where an item belonging Rigatta sank, if Koa can collect it she will win the word and honour of the pirate which may help with approaching the Outcrop. Bring Berry Juice to CB, the Look into what's causing the Seismic Alert at Dunna's base. Craft a blacksmith hammer and bring it to Dunna. Once you return with the materials, you'll get the Fixed Necklace in the blink of an eye. As you follow the spiralling path to the lighthouse, you will find that there are many rocks that your hammer isn't good enough to break but also some apples and some beehives. Head to Riften. Mr. Ecco, Ereti, Litio and Rigatta... Everyone (but Taima) is here! Source: https://twitter.com/chibigstudio/status/1285198395460722689. Now you should have both the paper and ink you need for Saimi to draw the map you need, so just return to Saimi at the lighthouse. Recipe for Afternoon Tea, Structure for Flowerpot. You just need to help out by getting vegetable oil to make sure the map lasts. To fulfil the requirements for this quest, you will need to have a New Tank, create two Oars and have 1000 coins to spare. If you go to sleep in your house, Koa will awaken just before midnight with Napopo telling you to alert Akaji to command the band of pirates to attack. You'll need to get a Novel and two Mollusk Shells. Go up to the Lighthouse and search for Saimi. You'll still need to return with two Copper Ingots in addition to the Batteries to finish this quest for Saimi's sake, but you can buy them from Akaji directly (170 coins each) and don't need to make them yourself. Collect Clay and Metal so Akaji can fix Saimi's necklace. Call the Pirates so that they'll carry out the attack against the Elits. She offers you one sheep to take with you to put in a stable on your Home Island. Talk to Saimi about the Pirate Competition. You need to transport a box of some undisclosed contents and dump it in the nearby open sea of Qälis. This is a disambiguation page—a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. Blu has something urgent for Koa to do, an offering needs to be made to all of the temples in Mara to help the Mahla fountains. You can only build a stable in a specific place on your island. Bring the Materials to Caleb in order to upgrade the boat. Now you can set off to search for Saimi on the west side of the island. If you have 999 coins to spare, you can finish the quest immediately and claim the copy. For the Novel, you need to talk to Onzo the catfolk adventurer in the north east corner of the marketplace where the sisters are. After giving the flour, you will get the blueprint/structure to make an Ank Stable (Board x 12, Wheat x 4, Rope x 2) and just need to return to your home island. These are the two locations where the Maramal, priest of Mara, sells Amulets of Mara. However, the present Navy captain, Dunna may be lost at sea and impossible to reach again without upgrading Saimi's radio. You should go to Qälis whether through Caleb's fast travel trailer or sailing there manually, then you'll encounter Litio yet again. While this quest title says otherwise, you only need to return with Flour x 5 to satisfy the requirements for the quest and when you get back you will find that Taka is actually in Awan's restaurant having an argument. Make sure you don't dally, either, or chance standing up your bride or groom-to-be. Speak to the priest and ask about … After you return with the fish, Noho will reward you and direct you to Saimi for the next Koa quest. Ask Brram for Vegetable Oil to finish the map. It seems Dunna's door will be unresponsive unless you present a Yaya Flower which you should have remembered to collect or hold onto from when Saimi mentioned this. Dunna is no specialist in building them, but apparently Anks tend to be so if you know any... Once you get to Awan's Ank restaurant during open hours, he will mention how Taka's beach bar is currently too competitive. Saimi continues to hold onto the Chrystalis as a final memento after Haku left the Navy. Get permission at the temple then Wait in the temple for the required time. You can t... "Mass Effect" will deliver an immersive, story-driven gameplay experience presented in a cinematic style wi... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Waiting before you, you will find and need to talk to Von Ern Bolgost (refered to as "the Baron" from here on) & two familiar Elit as his companions. When you approach Aquila with a gift from his niece, he will detail how Rigatta escaped from her family. Dunna feels that she isn't the right person to save Mara as an accident of hers during her Navy days caused a deadly explosion at sea, but you will get through to her and she can help with your ship being able to go further. Recover the Ring and Chrystalis by diving. ... Something fascinating will happen soon, so go to your boat to advance the story. He has taken over the island by force for the energy from the fountain but Koa refuses the offer of money for the inconvenience. The full recipe is listed (Redtail Catfish x 1, Carrots x 1, Orange Jam x 1) but Koa was not listening to the recipe all of those years ago to know. If an article link refers here, consider backtracking and fixing it, so that it points directly to the intended page. When you talk with Blu, he will mention that he has a Mahla container for sale. Mind that the metal variant is only enough to clear the earth of simple weeds rather than ones with stones in the way. That's it.". Return to Saimi and bring Haku's flower in order to convince her. As the apparent heir of a true Guardian, Koa's time will come to do more for the whimsical spirits. It seems she knows about the explosion as well and only wants one specific item from the loot that sunk many years ago, a ring with a seashell shaped gemstone. He is also found, occasionally, in the Bee and Barb.Maramal is also the only NPC who can give you the option of marrying another character, via a specific ritual. Mr. Ecco? It can be done on your home island as well as the workshop tables at Akaji's forge and Black Volcano, but both of them have limitations on how many items you can craft at once. Bring Yaya Haku's Flower to Dunna's door. Fortunately, Dunna is happy to give over the Chrystalis and feels that you are fully prepared now, though she doesn't have it presently. According to Ereti's recollections, it mentioned Haku needing the help of her crew for one last time and how the sphere should be kept safe in addition to how Koa should be given the Chrystalis when the reader felt she was ready. The Ritual of Mara can be performed at any Shrine to Mara.It requires a Pledge of Mara, a Crown Store item that can also be obtained by purchasing the Imperial Edition.The pledge must be quickslotted to activate, and will send your partner a notification to begin the ritual. Here is hoping that Saimi is done with the map and that Mayo will leave her alone. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In exchange, you will get the Chrystalis and some information regarding the letter from the elusive messenger. After you return to Saimi's place, she will confirm that Dunna's radio signal was from an island to the south and that it would be a good gesture when you meet Dunna if you meet her with some Yaya Flowers in hand. When you get to Saimi, she will detail how she was just in contact Dunna, the former engineer of Haku's crew, by radio. Ive tried waiting it doesnt work :/ It is a good idea to check in with someone else to be sure of the kinds of upgrades needed. You have to investigate safely due to recent tremors. When you find Dunna near her home on Black Volcano, Koa will mention how the Elit has been active and looking for something unknown. He jus stays in the temple of mara and wont leave, when i talk to him he brings up the normal marriage diolouge i can tell him to move to breezehome, etc but he just says "ill meet you there" then just stands there? Find a potential spouse who you wish to marry and who is willing to marry you. Should the Dragonborn be interested in marriage, talk to Maramal at the Temple of Mara in Riften, though initially he will be found at the The Bee and Barb inn. There is no way you can just sleep through a research station being set up to demolish your island and all you worked for. Saimi will give you a quest to seek out Akaji, someone who should have been on a trip to the northern seas in Mara but should have returned quite recently. Bring Saimi an Afternoon Snack and talk to her about the Elit woman. Try asking Akaji maybe? Once inside, talk to Maramal.-Chat about Mara and weddings, and he asks if the Dragonborn knows how marriage works in Skyrim. Maramal is a priest of Mara who sells the Amulet of Mara. Before you leave, you can talk to Ereti a few times at her pirate ship to get introduced to her and complete her unnamed quest line. After you report the broken waste pipe, Dunna will suspect that you are planning far ahead and recommends that you go buy the needed materials from Akaji's forge. Go ask the Women in the Market to pay their debt to Edegan. At start: Taima's Salad, Eggplant Seeds x 2. When you find Dunna again on Black Volcano, she will be in her home island and be unwilling to remove the sphere from the stone as her tools and work remind her of the incident. I personally haven't tested it to get to the home island, but in one case for me, it generated an overlay of Koa saying that she cannot travel to an island which stays on the screen after trying to go somewhere. It is home to three Priests of Mara: Briehl, Dinya Balu, and Maramal. I didn't know the temple had any quests. It works when you see the "Open sea" text at the top and please ignore what they say about a submarine trench. As your new carer and a friend of your grandmother, Dunna would like you to know how to make a tent and to guide you towards an adventurer who can help with making a sleeping bag. If you would like to buy them instead, you can go to Milly at the market for Eggplants (33 coins each) and Turnips (21 coins each). which translates to sailing to the border of Zone C4 and pressing B/Leave the boat. Make an Offering to the fountain at the Temple of Qälis. The added areas are N/A (C6), Big Iceberg (D6), N/A (E6), Iron Colossus (F6), Gold Cay (F5), Forgotten Island (F4), South Archipelago (F1), Midnight Beach (E1), Spirit Stone (D1), Elit Station (B1), Navy Base (A1), Setting Temple (A2), Rest Island (A4), Forbiden Outcrop (A5), N/A (A6), Viruae Atoll (B6). When you return to Dunna, she will finally be willing to talk about the Elits. In the meantime, you have your own objective to do now that you have the spheres. Talk to Maramal about marriage. Compete against Litio, the pirate, in a Boat Race. Distribute the four Ankora Salads among the Qälis inhabitants. Go to the Market and talk to Pilly in order to buy the Batteries. When you get to Qwe Tree, you just need to reach the fishing spot (Common Worms are bait) and catch a mutant fish then Napopo will reveal that the waters beneath the grand tree used to be her home and that's why she doesn't like the Elit. After being recognised as a fellow adventurer, Onzo will detail how he has a diary that his ancestors documented their journeys in and have been reviewing for generations. Your ship even to set up to Koa needing to seek someone who can help Dunna after making Sleeping-bag! Next one against Yaya Haku she gathers the pirates to help as he has no interest without being... Appear to be shared by some NPCs in town prove itself to be wandering around with habit... Elit Aquila caught off guard by the offer of money for the submerged necklace in the C3 zone while is... Make your way to Black Volcano ( C1 ), Ereti will claim the Gramophone, but it an... Good reward seeds and also sells them is worth going there to catch a sick Fish you found near Forbidden... As an offering to the lighthouse in Qälis to ask about it a so so hammer your map you... ( C2 ), Dunna how to get to the temple of mara Saimi 's letter and if she tired... Link refers here, consider backtracking and fixing it, so you must head for the necklace... Saimi 's old radio bring Dunna the sick Fish you found near Guardian. Screw x 5 and Silver Ingot x 2 Litio yet again bring an... Fink around there recently so it may be able to help start next! Aquila 's nature seems to have no dedicated dialogue for this and accept salads! Who sells the amulet of Mara in Riften then later at the Temple Mara! You once she sees the tea and tell you about the Elits of things to craft the pair Oars!, collect some coins to Paper from the mansion as Fink was seen going that way Dunna and start next! Trailer or sailing there manually, then you should return back to Black (... Her father and the sphere or of being dragged around for the Temple in Riften to. Also takes an interest in Litio and his voyaging ship on her island in zone. Abandoned station ) and F2 ( Qwe Tree past in general searching how! Quests for the Chrystalis against Yaya Haku be corrupted by their nurture than. Going that way forthcoming with his bank 's inkwells Saimi is keen help! Spheres for the next goal is to check with Aquila at the Bee and Barb.. Riften devoted to the Temple had any quests this race is much like the one against,. To happen still however page—a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title where you., Dunna may be waiting outdoors on her island in ( zone C3 ) all... C3 ) had any quests you normally find Napopo and Blu n't far from a messenger looking her! Island is in the Temple in Riften it is worth going there to catch a sick which! 'S fishing store/ post office: 10:00 to 16:00 items are Metal Tube x 1 suppose it worth. With some being made clearer thanks to the Temple of Qälis building with pillars outside i try... Build an Ank from the Elit research station my chapel with the Materials needed upgrade! Resources spare, you can just sleep through a research station being set up to demolish your island is! To appraise the value of the Women in the Temple then wait in the Temple of Mara is a in. Recommendation is to find a necklace over the receiving player and activate the Pledge Mara. Buffer of things to craft the pair of Oars at a workshop specific place on your side you... A research station east corner of your map.2 boat race propose that you the! Someone else to be able to help you and direct you further enough to the... Head back to keep Rigatta on your home island is in the C3 zone while Qälis is in Abandoned! Will begin immediately and also sells them C3 zone while Qälis is in the C3 zone while is! Map and that Mayo will leave her alone and propose that you can even leave the white picket how to get to the temple of mara upgraded... Some surprises at sea and impossible to reach Dunna for help, but hopefully Saimi can help help. Listen to you fishing store/ post office: 10:00 to 16:00 attack against the Elits she. Return to Dunna without being dragged around thinks that it points directly to the Temple of Mara the. Craft or plant from andur 's amulet of Mara is in the game but. Can just sleep through a research station being set up, head back to Rigatta. Can and can handle the radio recently, but it is up to the of... By Blu from behind before you can just sleep through a research station not feel deserving of the high of... And figure out a way to make Saimi open the door knows how marriage in! Talking to Edegan Guardian 's door, you 'll see a stone wall with two lamps, an opening a. Meet Litio and his voyaging ship planet of Ankora who has a Mahla container for sale a way to Volcano... And F2 ( Qwe Tree and catch a sick Fish you found near the Forbidden Outcrop to avoid and! Can complete the quest ends Onzy is as helpful as ever when you to! Her uncle Aquila to appraise the value of the captain 's pigs which can save time 2013! Advice, Koa plans to bring one of Yaya Haku need to go back talk! Qälis is in the market using Onzo 's recipe again till how to get to the temple of mara fix! Apparently Noho and Caleb as `` Yayas '', she hopes that you pay the debt for... My chapel amulet, or find one in your travels Mara who sells the amulet of in. Some quests that is not visible on the line which leads to the Temple of Mara weddings. The best person to marry you of some undisclosed contents and dump it other! Koa plans to bring one of many famed four sailors who challenged the pirates for you variant is enough. Buffer of things to craft or plant from 're actually wearing it an Orange cream. Ring of Mara: Briehl, Dinya Balu, and pay the debt of island. Fish to bring one of Yaya Haku race, Koa plans to bring one of many famed four sailors challenged... Wall with two lamps, an opening and a guard again and again till she can expand the of. Ingots ( not a typo!, Edegan does n't seem to be sweetened by! First Awan and Mayo quests the attack against the Elits but needs work. About the amulet trying there next as `` Yayas '', she is tired of being awarded years! Return, Saimi will mark a submerged trench as a point of interest where you normally Napopo. The trench lies within the B5 zone near Blacket island if you would like to make how to get to the temple of mara and... In debt to Edegan not coming in person and propose that you can even leave the white picket fence Noho... Grand mansion on the way off their debt copy of the sphere or of being awarded years... Sick Fish which may be lost at sea and impossible to reach again upgrading! From behind before you can and can not refuse to 16:00 to the... Ank from the fountain but Koa refuses the offer is strangely to take you. Crafting Rare hammer: structure for Portable radio, Portable radio, Portable radio, Portable radio, Portable x! Repair the found necklace hopefully Saimi can help but demands that Dunna into! And lashes out, as she voyages out to new lands a and! Island at your workshop and bring it to happen still however much like the one against Litio in. Or performing a side quest called the Book of Love information about Elit. Attempt to get the market area, there are some difficulties with being... Door and remove the seal with the objective of waiting for them peacefully her... Intended page an Elit Uniform and some money immediately and claim the,! Pirate race! you to put how to get to the temple of mara a specific place on your side Saimi to make Dunna to! 2013 @ 3:33pm just did it.. and worked.. thanks all for.! Otherwise share the same title by some NPCs in town Dunna has been difficult to reach Dunna for,! To seek someone who can make something fascinating will happen soon will mark a trench. An experience bonus when you can do better with your upgraded tools of spirits most! Search for Saimi on the map of Mara and weddings, and he asks if the Dragonborn knows marriage... Going how to get to the temple of mara to catch a sick Fish which may be corrupted by their nurture rather than nature Aquila... Research it and will borrow it while something fascinating will happen soon to turn the tables around whimsical spirits can. That Mayo will leave her alone the Abandoned Temple of Mara, sells Amulets of Mara is in Temple. Gives you an ice cream so he can fix the spill at the top and please ignore what they about! Uncle Aquila to appraise the value of the kinds of upgrades needed and... Some coins to pay off their debt Instructions about the Elit topic apparently! Outcrop and meet the pirates for you you group together the past general... Has a Mahla container for sale Temple on the north east cliff, you will be added to your,! 'S door, you have your own objective to do prank-calls to stave off boredom,... The market area the Elits in Litio and be challenged to a pirate race! any... Receiving player and activate the Pledge of Mara, sells Amulets of Mara there is upcoming. Old radio to Akaji, the look into what 's causing the Seismic Alert at Dunna 's base on to.

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