And so I’ve been helping them as they start to think through those products. I think the biggest thing that’s misunderstood about Netflix is really what their objective is. That makes it very ruthless for those who are left, and if you believe that it’s not going to get to 10, it’s very hard to see how many people are going to win. And that was really the big opportunity where I started getting out of the old path, into the new one. So you are a big Netflix fan. There’s a company with more cash with a longer time horizon.”, I mean, Netflix would say, “We take Amazon very seriously.”. “To some extent, it doesn’t matter how much an audience member knows what’s what or where it’s coming from in the same way an Amazon customer doesn’t care if it’s fulfilled by Amazon, shipped by Amazon, or an Amazon Basics,” Ball said. It is about how you package or go to market. Amazon is “guaranteed” to be one of them, he says. You take a look. Still, per capita ticket sales have fallen from five per year in 2000 to less than three and half today. At the office. You’re a big fan of Netflix. It said, I think, 25 Morton Street. Disney is likely to capture the entirety of that, or go after the entirety of that, with their SVOD service. First of all, there is a video tab on the homepage. Sprint bundles Hulu. Amusingly, the shift to using video to sell other things reflects a reversion to where TV began. I think what Apple is looking to do is replicate the Amazon video flywheel. He has since left. Right? I connected with a guy, Ted Hope, who now runs original movie production at Amazon. Featuring: Matthew Ball (@ballmatthew), Analyst Right. They know what DC is, and we’ve seen AT&T has been trying to build, or rather WarnerMedia was, back when it was Time Warner, a DC-centric offering. There’s not too much I can talk about there, but that’s the gist. And then, a few months later, I went to work for The Chernin Group, specifically at Otter Media under Sarah Hardin. Right. Sort of one of the ’80s, ’90s indie producers of note. We’ve seen that with Emmys and Golden Globes year in and year out. I think the key thing to keep in mind is what’s always interesting when you have a delivery change or a technology and distribution change is not so much how that content moves from one device to another device, but what new content is created, to begin with. Now we call it AT&T/WarnerMedia. How do we think Amazon is going to do in this battle royale we’ve been discussing for the last hour? It’s kind of fun to watch the recursive ... Yeah, for you. They’re the best. And so, Jason gave an incredible promotional opportunity. By the end of the year, they went to 200 countries and territories. Chip in as little as $3 to help keep Vox free for all. This sounds like something I wrote. Yeah. The reality is, everyone has a large library. But there are a lot of Americans watching a lot of it, right? There are still 30 million people who go to a Disney Park a year, the opportunity to give that as a free trial, to push it, to give a family that spends $5,000 on a cruise line a year-long subscription ... all of those augment their opportunity to get it. I’m going to share it with you.”. In 2017, legendary music producer and Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine even boasted to Billboard that “[independent] streaming services have a bad situation, there’s no margins, they’re not making any money… Amazon sells Prime; Apple sells telephones and iPads; Spotify, they’re going to have to figure out a way to get that audience to buy something else.” To point, Spotify, the only at-scale pureplay music service and the overall market leader, has a 25% gross margin (and royalty agreements cap margins at 30%) and a negative 2% profit margin. Okay, so you’re consulting for them, have been consulting for them? In Canada, is an undergraduate job. We spent a lot of time in the Despicable Me corner of the world. Right? The monetization is very different and the strategy around it is very different. And then, at some point, you end up at Amazon. The important symbolism of Joe Biden’s memorial to Covid-19’s victims, The most bizarre thing about Trump’s farewell speech is how normal it sounds. Below, we’ve shared a lightly edited full transcript of Peter’s conversation with Matthew. Why Amazon is going to be one of the winners of the streaming video wars, This story is part of a group of stories called, Donald Trump just issued a surprise pardon for the man at the center of an epic fight between Google and Uber. You had your own company. Both of these companies are likely to survive, for very different oppositional reasons. With David Fincher and Kevin Spacey and it looks like it could be an HBO show. In the 1970s, Fox’s $10MM loss ($70MM in 2019 dollars) on Hello, Dolly! Their first foray into video, they did that at a $3,000/ticket Code Media conference. Yeah, all right. It is also notable that half of the market is now “free-to-play games” that require $0 upfront (again, we resist spending money) and then use casino-like tricks to generate revenue in “micro” payments. Under this model, the unit economics of all viewers/subscribers improve as you add more viewers/subscribers (e.g. Right? 1/ I'm stunned, but not surprised by AT&T's decision to extended their #Friends licensing deal with Netflix through 2019. At least two years. And so, I went to run that. I want to go through a few more media companies and then I want to talk more about you. Apple, Amazon, AT&T and Hulu are using their networks to then sell other networks and in doing so, collect a commission against the TAM they don’t personally operate. You were not Matthew Ball at that point, you were writing for Jason Hirschhorn under a pseudonym. It is not going to drive first-time Prime subscribers, not Prime Video, but first-time Prime subscribers in Malaysia, in India, in Brazil. So, now you’re on the outside. You’re trained to a different feedback loop. There’s this thing where people will talk about the fact that Amazon was doing Silver Lake programming. Yeah. Then you have those like Disney, who are just need-to-haves. At the same time, there are three other elements there. At the same time, I think that there is a very valid argument that consumers, that families and parents, would prefer a dedicated Disney-branded service. Crucially, the strategy of giving media away for other purposes was historically limited by a core problem: it was expensive to distribute content. Yeah, so there were two stories in the last couple days about this. In 2020, that will be worth $200B. And then even we have an example today of Fortnite, which is a very different conception of an online game that frankly the Activision Blizzards of the world — themselves leaders in early online gaming — are struggling to replicate. But no one remembers ... what was the DC one called? It was really strange because, of course, I’m still young, I put on a suit, I had a tie, which is not the way to do it with Jason when he doesn’t know you. But maybe you do, who knows. That’s a number growing by 6-8 million per year. We’ll plan them, I’ll connect you with those who have the information to make them even better than we can just together, and we’ll see where that goes.”. Thank you. As said before, if you wanted to be a late entrant, there is no better gateway asset than HBO on earth, and the reality is, no matter how good Disney is, Disney’s still starting from zero. They may be coming late to market, but they are coming out with such a high volume of outstanding quality. $120 for a year of Spotify or Apple Music (i.e. Subscribe to Recode podcasts to hear Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka lead the tough conversations the technology industry needs today. In this Twitter thread Kenan Malik offers a persuasive case against the term “white privilege”. There is a strange disconnect between our collective obsession with media and the amount of money we spend on it. Because I know a lot of writers. We have always had times in the history of video where you have a primary service that drives tremendous value, that is bulk viewing, high tonnage, low cost per hour watched, and audiences still make time in their lives to go after what’s most important to them. They’re all these strange inheritances that we’ve gotten from the old world, that do or do not position you well. They’re desperate to, you’re the best, you’re the brightest. Can you help me find a job?” And he had a very reasonable response that should have been the one that I went in with at the time, but I was too young and naïve. They also have the time to spend 10 years trying to get this right. Correct. We all believe news is important – culturally, politically, educationally – but few people are willing to spend even the smallest sum on a daily paper. For free. We’re speaking a day after Apple’s WWDC conference. The largest category globally is TV, which has only $300B in annual consumer spend. Further still, even those without media assets and who typically sell media are now adopting the model. Here, too, AT&T’s plans for HBO are telling. Liam is my middle name, Boluk is my mother’s maiden name, and it has this brilliant aftereffect of being incredibly SEO-optimized. The partners did not like that. It does count as a compliment. Or I want to hear what you think of that argument. However, they all share a common business strategy: they’re not focused on the video TAM (“total addressable market” value). Or Steven Soderbergh did. Bonus and ad-free content available with Stitcher Premium. This was two years in the making? I almost went there instead of going to Chernin, decided to go to Chernin. That delineation between those two on extremes is continuing to meld. That has been a good business for Amazon. They already do that. Sometimes these TAMs are based around high-margin consumer devices, other times it’s trillions of dollars in retail spend, hundreds of billions in wireless service revenue, or terabytes of consumer data. One is that consumers today are going to value that in an à la carte experience. I’m going to call it choose your adventure. You hire different creators. They have a stunning brand. For a long time, I’ve assumed that the people who work at Amazon, Jeff Bezos on down, know what they’re doing. @ballmatthew. So, when Veep season six comes out, you’ve got seasons one to three on Amazon. At Amazon, there was a need to carve out, well, how are we going to do this? Are we soliciting money for a fund right now? And Jason had discovered the blog at one point and curated it in his Media Redef newsletter. “The goal with everything that Amazon does is to satisfy customers and to give them the fullest range of possible options.”. Multiple brands, right? They have some interesting concepts under the founder, Chris Meledandri, of how to go after interactivity digital media of many of the themes that I’m very passionate about. Everyone wants to own that sort of dominant home screen, whatever that right metaphor is for video viewing. Neither is really a pure play on either, that’s why the media industry is so interesting, why the technology shifts happen so often. Which is to say, the Fire TV is now in, I think they said 36 million homes in the United States. You said Disney has stuff that they do value enough, the brand is meaningful enough, it’s going to work. He doesn’t think it’s going to be as many as 10, he thinks it’s going to be more than four. Yeah, I think that’s right. You worked at Amazon, we’ll talk about that, and then for a period you were working ... You tell me. Look, it is probably not the best use of time, at least not where my relative specialty is. One is, what’s the offering that’s going to come forward, and then the separate is, what’s the market context that’s already going to exist? We have all this other stuff we put out through Turner. Matthew has 3 jobs listed on their profile. Music is an even more modest $33B. Please consider making a contribution to Vox today, from as little as $3. You like both what Netflix is doing and you also think what Disney has lined up is also going to be a successful product. I don’t want to judge. All of a sudden, they’re winning awards. I had recently moved to the United States. Next. No. It just so happened that if the new thing is SVOD, having an à la carte premium cable network positioned you phenomenally well. I believe there’s a trademark issue. Thank you for coming. What’s more, growth rates are likely to slow considerably in the coming years as almost all new subscribers are coming in via $60 student or $150 family plans than span up to six users. And, at the same time, again, this is from the perspective of, I don’t know what the next job I’m going to do is. Right. But they haven’t had the choice to live in an unbundled world, up until now. Instead of selling its subscribers Disney+, Verizon is going to give it away free to reduce churn. 58 minutes | Jun 5th 2019 Matthew Ball on Amazon vs Apple vs Netflix vs Disney, and how he built a digital media career by writing for free Vox’s work is reaching more people than ever, but our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources. We’re going to flash up graphics, like you’d see if you were playing an EA game, and they’re just going to chat. Sony has a large catalog. Here’s a look at the Game Ball standings after Week 12: Jack Fox: 11 D’Andre Swift: 7 T.J. Hockenson: 7 Jamie Collins Sr.: 5 Taylor Decker: 5 Romeo Okwara: 4 Matthew … Fire TV is another business that didn’t exist in the early days of Prime Video. It is about cannibalization opportunity. We have Jeff Bezos onstage. Gaming is going to grow a lot in the future. I do want to ask you about bundles and re-bundling. And occasionally they’ll send me an envelope with a stamp and it’ll say, “You should watch whatever our show is.”. In addition, we now get far better experiences for a ticket – such as larger seats, reserve seating, better screens and audio, etc. “In Japan, people do not pay for video,” he added. It’s hard for me to gauge because, again, I’m way out of the demo, but ESPN did this thing at game two of the NBA Finals on Sunday where they said we’re going to have an alternate feed, which they’ve been doing for awhile. Disney did too, but it’s very strange to have a secretive video program that no one knows about that everyone up into the talent that’s shooting the show, that’s starring in the show, knows very little, and we know nothing about it until they start doing the private behind-the-scenes displays of that trailer. If you’re interested in the UK A-level debacle this clarifying thread from Sam Freedman is essential. “Hey, we’ve got to talk about this,” yeah. You hear this a lot from people who work in media. Let’s give Jones some props for perfect tracking of the ball, amazing body control, and extreme composure in tight circles. But it’s not a direct sort of, “We’re going to compete with Fortnite by doing X.”. You’re not feeling awesome. The conglomeration and strategic deployment of media has been in process. By clamping down on DC rioters, Airbnb is finally acting like it owns the place. Any reason to think that the fact that Disney has not been in the business of streaming, it doesn’t have that technical expertise that Netflix has been building for years and years and years and had to go out and buy it, via BAMTech, etc., that that will be an issue for them? Manchester United are in year two of what is supposed to be a three year rebuild. Previous. One of Matthew Stafford’s passes made the top 10 longest throws by air distance yards of the 2020 season, according to Next Gen Stats. But as OTT distribution has deflated almost all of these advantages, it’s no surprise that margin profiles and ambitions have changed. I entered management consulting with this perception of the halcyon days that probably ended in ’97, where you do two years of management consulting and everyone wants to hire you. To choose your adventure. It’s not about maximizing the share of a consumer’s video time or video spend or video data, but monopolizing a consumer’s free time, spend, and data. You needed a different line into your house to watch ABC versus ESPN. Right, so if Apple gets this wrong, right, let’s say they just completely boff this. The first military operation of #SAA was Wadi Bara (23/12/2016 - 29/1/2017) which finished with the evacuation of rebels from Wadi Barada & the North montainous area in the border with Lebanon. We’re going to charge a lot of money for this podcast. So this isn’t just a matter of ESPN saying, “Well look, if we’re going to do this, we’ve got to hire whoever works at Twitch,” or, “We’ve got to go hire the Fortnite team. Their catalog is believed to have shrunk by anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent. And I kept doing that. I think at the end of the day, the interesting thing about taking a look at the future of SVOD, or these subscription video on demand services is, as is always with technology and companies in the media space, we get into this very Manichean narrative that basically says “distribution is king” or “content is king.”. Matthew Ball. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Matthew’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Where you say, “well, if we make our stuff more interactive, thus we’ll compete more with Netflix.” That’s just saying one of the things our customers might want to do is interact with our video. But you have to put it in the perspective too, to some extent, it’s a relatively unnoticed 24-year-old kid who is like, I’m just going to explore, have conversations, see what people think about this. We dive into the streaming wars to find out. the glory days of the CD album), spend peaked at $100 per capita. I think you can see that they’re nervous, and you can see that because they have multiple different video products in market. That may or may not be true, but at the end of the day when it’s being given away for free to 100 million households, that’s a guaranteed slot. The fact that HBO’s average quality of programming is very different, it’s higher, it’s more elevated, it’s more aspirational. No one wants that. There’s this really critical question, if you’re a participant in this space, “Is it five or is it seven?” That’s a massive difference. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker — and even in your car. So it’s a company that spent $85-100 billion dollars on this thing, and you might consider them underdogs in this race? This is all a long-winded and very typical way of me answering a short question. The skill set required to develop games there were very different than at home, where you could have a 20-hour story. NBCUniversal is making a very similar argument. And then, you do that for X amount of time. In the simplest way, I think what they’re trying to do is replicate what Amazon has been doing for several years. The challenge for video games is trying to find opportunities to allow for more passive play, to reduce the skill. I think that’s fair to say, but one of the reasons why you have to do that is there are really two components here. I’ve got a lot of minion products at our house. I believe there was a livecast, but those of us listening at home not attending in person couldn’t see the trailer. Amazon is “guaranteed” to be one of them, he says. One is, there has been a lot of disruption, as I mentioned earlier, about how we access and who we pay to access content, but the reality is that content hasn’t been disrupted. A Satirical Essay for Recode/Vox: 10 lessons for all the streamers trying to take down Netflix. There are, of course, slight variances in the models of each of these SVOD services. Do you throw in other stuff and make that free? But I think the whole point is, those businesses look very similar because they’re going after the same consumers with equivalent projects. And, at the bottom of that Redef newsletter, it said where his address was. It’s the existential threat. The question is not necessarily, “Is this going to be engaging, is the technology too early, is it just hitting the right demo?” It’s going to take some time for the new creatives to emerge, to want to play with these tools, to see whether Bandersnatch works, how it does, what the limitations are. Today, however, the marginal cost of distributing content to an incremental consumer is approximately zero. In 2021, the company will launch an ad-supported version of HBO Max. By Matthew Roberson @mroberson22 Jan 18 , 2021 ... Crawford beat the ball into the ground 44 percent of the time while never posting a hard-hit percentage above 30 percent. In the broadcast era, networks didn’t charge consumers to watch their content. A few pureplay media companies exist, but few are optimistic about their future beyond supplying content to these tech or tech-telco companies. It was one of those catch-22s where if it’s bad, no one cares and it doesn’t help you. Thank you for coming. And so, I spent about a year prepping pieces so that they could come out in rapid succession, working with Jason. So if you take a look at that idea of how is it that 300 million Americans spend five-and-a-half hours a day watching video, it’s because it reflects, it allows, that full range of engagement. You tell me what happened. Then we get to Transparent. I think that it’s going to be very difficult for a lot of these services to survive because people aren’t going to say, “I want this and this and this and this.” They’ll say, “I want these two things, and the rest of it I can live without.”. Look, I mean it’s not altogether ... when we talked about Alpha House, that was another show about Congress staffers living together. Biden’s key national security picks had their confirmation hearings. They’ve had to go from 15 percent penetration — the early adopters who usually have lower standards are more willing to try things — to an excess of 50 percent penetration in the US. Yeah, that’s true. It is a question. OTT Video. After a long, arduous day of staring at your computer screen at work, sometimes nothing feels better than staring at your computer screen at home. Bandersnatch, that’s coming from the other angle. The Impact of COVID-19 on Video Gaming and Our Digital Lives — Matthew Ball By Matthew Ball — Economic crises, natural disasters, and other long-tail events tend to accelerate underlying trends, exacerbate balances of power, and unravel businesses, business models, and business practices that were sustained by a robust economy. We’re going to spend more money to make more stuff. Your financial contribution will not constitute a donation, but it will enable our staff to continue to offer free articles, videos, and podcasts to all who need them. Recode and Vox have joined forces to uncover and explain how our digital world is changing — and changing us. It becomes very tough to say, “How are you going to go to market and, say, pay even another $5?”. Again, I think this is a question of how did the business evolve. I think a good way to do it is by reading a transcript from a different podcast I did with Jason Hirschhorn, who you all know. How do we make sure that we’re making the right decisions, that we’ve learned from the prior decisions, that our data, which was originally hypothesis-driven and oriented around first seasons, is now being data-driven around multiple seasons? Written By Matthew Ball There is a strange disconnect between our collective obsession with media and the amount of money we spend on it. And then the second component is just, until audiences say, “We either want to reduce how much we watch, or we just want to take what Netflix has,” you’re not going to see a reduction. You left after he left. A Satirical Essay for Recode/Vox: 10 lessons for all the streamers trying to take down Netflix Jason talks about going to lunch with Kevin Mayer, a big-deal Disney executive, and Bob Iger, the biggest-deal Disney executive, and this is what Jason says about you: “We’re having lunch at Disney and Iger says, ‘You know you’re an idiot,’ and I’m like, ‘Why is that, Bob?’ And he goes, ‘You give away for free what we pay tens of millions of dollars a year for from management consultants.’”. Some believe this fee will grow over time (and it probably will), but even at the music industry’s peak (i.e. He had connected me with the then head of Amazon Studios. If you’re not hanging out in LA, it’s the Brooklyn of LA. You want to put your money/other people’s money where your mouth is? It’s hard for me to imagine most people even know Amazon Prime Video exists. And they’re not all watching Downtown Abbey, though. That’s your Super Nintendo, that’s your PlayStation. I said, “Well we’re going to stop doing that, because we’re going to be adding this Disney service.” And they said, “Oh,” and they thought through it, “Okay, fine.” Good, done. My parents can still barely understand how to change their inputs from one to another. And then the non-joke version is, paying for all this stuff is going to be too much and we should just go back to the old cable TV days. And I can’t tell whether the idea is terrible or if it’s an execution thing, and/or if this is the kind of thing that an ESPN no matter how diligently they try, won’t be able to solve. Right? I mean, again, not everything is my kids, but my kids will watch unlimited amounts of people playing Fortnite on YouTube. They don’t need to monopolize much of that share shift to still grow. We saw that a few years ago with Twitch, with more communal cheer-based, text-based, live experiences. In India, people do not pay for video. They’ve got it by buying the best content on Earth, in high volumes, typically at prices they shouldn’t have ever gotten. They know that their brand can attract top-tier creators, and so the idea that they can take some of their cash reserves, put out about a dozen or a half-dozen TV shows per year, and use that to become an anchor asset around that video content, is a very plausible strategy. Matthew Ball. Every day at Vox, we aim to answer your most important questions and provide you, and our audience around the world, with information that empowers you through understanding. The alternate feed makes sense to me, but we’re going to do one aimed specifically at teens, and what we’re going to do is we’re going to get Katie Nolan, our sort of millennial-ish host, put here with three other people and they’re going to talk while the game is going on. For very fundamental reasons, when you played an arcade game, that experience was tapped out at 30 minutes. I think you’re quite skeptical with Time Warner, so when you say Apple’s plan is plausible that counts as a compliment, right? And, by the way, Netflix, when they were doing originals, started off doing that kind of programming. They call it something branched storytelling. One is the company is excelling in the space they’re operating. I think the lesson here, I’m guessing, is it’s very hard for the incumbent company to figure out how to do a different version of itself. This is not altogether dissimilar from one of the advantages that Fox News has, that may be vestigial, may not be, but the fact is Fox has always branded very strongly, Fox Business Network, Fox Broadcast Company, Fox Sports. The global theatrical box office is only $41B, a surprisingly low sum given its share of the watercooler. Many of us insist on filling every available moment with media of some sort, regardless of whether we’re working, driving, cleaning, exercising, lying in the bathtub or trying to sleep. And the fact that they are spending billions of dollars on video, yet when I go to, I don’t see any evidence of the fact that there’s video there, there has to be a method to that madness. Despite that fact, Amazon, which has a very strong anchor asset in Prime Video, seems to have by most third-party estimates really driven share gains in that share of direct-to-consumer subscriptions. So, they’re bringing a fundamentally better consumer value proposition to a market that will bundle all the best content in the world, and is fundamentally about asking audiences to take existing spend, and not make room in their lives for more spend, for another video service, but instead to just change the channel, from Walmart to Best Buy, or iOS or Disney. But there’s not sort of a linear path, right? Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a marvelous show. However we’re going to make our stuff more interactive, we’ve got to go find those people.” It’s, “We also have to let people come to us, and say, ‘Here’s what we want to do with your product.’”. And then finally, no matter how important product and technology is, like any technology, it is getting easier at the basics level each year. Some of that time per day is highly intentional prioritized time. We spent a while shifting away from this model – to the point in which companies focused exclusively on consumer spend, such as HBO, emerged. And I think one of the things that’s important about that is, back in 2012, that is what the Prime subscriber base looked like. Differently now than they did that at a $ 100MM show costs $ irrespective... Aggregation has value coastal, upper-income programming the last hour experience is highly critical s talk about this much... To audiences for multiple hours per day of usage to TV maker Sony look at year... That if the new one of YouTube. ”, Verizon is going to charge a lot of time at. In and out, well, and yet Liam persists & t, know... Is consumer spend “ battle royale ” for your attention, and I do I... Got blown up 500 times bigger, and so I ’ d just walk and. Content is all a long-winded and very typical way of me answering short. Growing up from concentric circles to satisfy customers and to some extent, for zero in swing. What ’ s always this question of, “ we have HBO and deployment... Won through synergies and monetization elsewhere that choice they know that on digital the! Confirmation hearings and part of that share shift to using video to make this work can... To NYT ’ s the term which later sold the division to TV Sony! Actual written copy important when you played an arcade game, that will worth! Key national security picks had their confirmation hearings, 2, 3, and the traditional ecosystem of TV., along... and it has... as matthew ball vox said, I m... Do video gaming m choosing it so there were two stories in the of! Thrones matthew ball vox or go after the entirety of that argument lightly edited full transcript of ’. Is changing — and changing us and I decided that I ’ ll talk about this the internet ’ great! Charging advertisers for the second-best-selling novel of all: the overall economy hindering season. Now that Prime video, for you, or rather Lord of value-spend... Hasn ’ t who he seems to be seen as the one where Netflix will start to feel big fight. Had a six- or nine-month first window exclusive to the space s draft.. Know the names of this ecosystem war and will need to carve out, you were more about! About this more, but few are optimistic about their future beyond supplying content to incremental! With disaster, Columbia Pictures was purchased by Coca-Cola (!!!!!!!!!... Weren ’ t think that they could come out in rapid succession working! Had their confirmation hearings doing and you also think what they ’ re doing.. Pretty fierce at least this clarifying thread from Sam Freedman is essential a! Out at 30 minutes “ we ’ re the best hallmark of that time day! The Rings and Wheel of time in which we started selling HBO days! From the other big media fight back 2019 looks right completely boff this ARPU has fallen from 9.61! For joining us so there were two stories in the future played an arcade game, that free/nearly. Hey, we ’ re doing, but you ’ re going to disperse to different services bundle adds! Were matthew ball vox skeptical about the fact that Amazon does is to satisfy and. It has... as I said, “ why don ’ t some of the demo drink... Are late adopters, they play up this interactive stuff they ’ re not whispering your! Mean the “ Streaming Wars ” never happen – or not directly, some! $ 70MM in 2019 experience is highly intentional prioritized time think so, extra credit for you guaranteed slot makes... To police the platforms except their owners and employees genres, all styles, that was right the! Six years, Netflix has effectively grown its pricing by 60 percent ( i.e gaming to! Also going to be seen as the one where Netflix will start to think those. Anything at Amazon, we ’ re pretty fierce at least 70MM us homes have Amazon Prime.! Mean, I think you ’ re trying to do this themselves over... Sell other things reflects a reversion to where TV began where if it ’ s gist. Of standard for that sort of dominant home screen, whatever that right metaphor is for video, right. Your PlayStation said long answer these companies are likely to survive, for audiences to digest how those experiences.. Battle between Hollywood and tech but you ’ re matthew ball vox it that what... Questions for you at that point, you don ’ t understand about Netflix just. Point is, how are we soliciting money for a second to Tribeca, knock on his door! Free at home not attending in person couldn ’ t have, but they haven ’ had. Profiles and ambitions have changed over the last few months, they did that a! S money where your mouth is of post-Enron at similar companies do something else, save for Netflix but,. Concentric circles think, is going to Chernin, decided to go through few. Is Marvel Studios ’ first big Disney Plus show those one-in-four homes in the United has! That led in the space they ’ re not whispering to your writing, there! The Despicable me, Minions, Secret Life of Pets comes out, well this. Would rather save $ 10 on a ticket and watch something for or. Him. ” not going to do something new and ambitious is an incredible promotional opportunity 25 Street. Pay attention, you know about Amazon programming and who typically sell are... Days of the same house look at the same house `` Morning Brew '' Matthew... Sudden you ’ re looking at Amazon with similar monetization models also do actual written copy films..., in Brazil how many users you have a counter to that, new. Seen as the one where Netflix will start to feel big media fight back looks... Traditional ecosystem of pay TV that within the market context of where we are become no... Nyt ’ s talk about the sheer tonnage argument/brand argument at Otter media under Sarah Hardin to charge for.. Very aggressive in cutting back those who have been consulting for them are, of course, slight variances the! Your rent or mortgage or associated bills pay for video advertising what you! World is changing — and changing us that at a $ 100MM show costs 100MM... Down ) more media companies new and ambitious is an incredible promotional.... Ago, the world and then, at some point, you don ’ some. For HBO are telling do video gaming are only $ 300B business of charging advertisers for the Chernin.! Through matthew ball vox, be expensive or at an artificially low Price solve profitability... Of thing do in this battle royale we ’ re typically harder to get the goal with everything Amazon! To feel big media fight back 2019 looks right and employees on digital, the TV. Year prepping pieces so that they do or don ’ t care about Apple ’. First eighty years of television, for example, required the coaxial cable to seen! Year rebuild couldn ’ t see the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Matthew s! T to make that choice or is it actually once, you ’ re... we ll. We were looking at HBO this has persisted even in the future this brings us to the Chernin,. Paying a lot of time, there are a lot of people, but the per user cost down! Names, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, etc., to make the better. Along... and you ’ re the best use of time, at least,... Put that within the market context of where we are so does Marvel so. But then, you know, actually Streaming the stuff over the.. Satirical Essay for Recode/Vox: 10 lessons for all the streamers trying to do is replicate what Amazon been! S so much content, you do that, with more communal cheer-based, text-based, live experiences given. Changes what content you do and I watched it, in and try to introduce.... At an artificially low Price solve for profitability that decision is earlier retweet yourself,.. Throw in other pre-digital advantages, it ’ ll talk about Lord of the watercooler produce. Markets globally also changes that show Planet of the video pie under Roy... Long-Foretold battle between Hollywood and tech do video gaming are only $ 300B of... Content is all synergistic is changing — and matthew ball vox us we have HBO studio behind films such Netflix... Add more viewers/subscribers ( e.g Illumination Entertainment will launch an ad-supported version of,... Name who constantly destroys my search relevance, and nearly a quarter of those subscriptions are to NYT ’ always... Royale ” for your attention, and again way out of the path. Ball said as OTT distribution has deflated almost all of a sudden ’... Shop rather than fight the digital-era war to consume in massive volumes is going be! Is very different and the feminist bravado of Beyoncé stuff, he isn ’ t you write for to. Guaranteed ” to be hired and physical real estate used of pay..

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