A summary of Part X (Section9) in John Steinbeck's East of Eden. The stairwell up thus becomes jam-packed with naked NEETs, so Saki and the others try to take an elevator. “Timshel” is used here as advice. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. It was certainly very cool to see the Bang scene with Akira “shooting” down the missiles (just like the ED papermation foreshadowed) while that song Reveal the World was playing in the background. I don´t understand why people are saying it. With Adam on his deathbed, he pleads to his last remaining son “Timshel!”. Akira really makes some huge sacrifices to save Japan because even though he is betrayed by so many people, I think he really wants the best for everyone and is willing to endure whatever he has to for the means to make it happen. I wonder why he got his memory wiped again… cuz it really seemed like he did. And the best they could think of was to shoot down the missiles. Warning: below thar be spoilers, so proceed with caution! Required fields are marked *. Just an observation, during the opening with all the Selecao numbers displayed, three vanish in this order: IV, V, X. IV and V match the story so far in episodes 3 and 4 respectively. In the finals pages, as Adam instructs Caleb that he “may,” he has no faith that Caleb might actually overcome his nature. Key Idea #1: The Human Experience Repeats Itself. My guess was that the taxi driver was Atou Saizou/Mr.Outside/No.12/The Supporter. I’m thinking there might be something wrong with me :p. Ok.. time to download the season. And what did he mean when he said that he was going to be king? Blackshirts and Reds is both an explanation of what Fascism is in all it's nuance, a genuinely horrifying revelation of how cozy and deeply ingrained genocidal fascist elements are in our ruling class and corporate establishments- in a way that never went away- and most importantly, where it comes from. He then sent the NEETs to Dubai so that they’d be hidden from the public’s attention. If you look closely around 1:39 (I think) into the episode, you can see the side of the taxi that the old man is driving. Also the Selaco that have not spent any of his money is he wealthy because he had a Maybach waiting for him. Within the last 100 pages of the book, the repeats itself with similar characters finding themselves in the same situations as before. Don’t you think it’s rigged how it cost XII only 5,000 yen to move Juiz to a hidden location?! The last line of East of Eden means that Adam does not die at the end of the novel: "His eyes closed and he slept." You could have something there; that’s a powerful speculation. What was he doing in Washington in the first place, The Second movie has been green lighted so two movies will come out no matter what, Also how did Saki know everything that happened on careless monday when at the institute they didn’t tell Tak anything when she was listening to the conversation and before they got the information from pants. I hope more productions don’t end up taking this route. Ha! At around the same time, Saki and Micchon arrive and dash through the mall, and they manage to run into naked Oosugi. I am sad that the series is done and we have to wait a while for the movies; Also that he wiped his memories again. to think that I have to wait almost half a year for the movie.. damnit! Eden of the East (Higashi no eden) -- Confused by Ending. I’ll wait for the movies, one on Careless Monday and the other one on january, Well, in spite of giving his phone away to Saki after weeping his memory, I really don’t think Akira did so to push the responsibility on her, since *first thing first* it’s simply impossible: she is not the selected messiah and can’t order around Juiz… Featured … Also, how will the other selecao play a role? Very well done, the animation of this chapter I mean. He turns to leave, but Saki stops him because she suspects that he’s really here to save everyone. I was wondering if you are going to blog the two movies or not? Ok anyone else confused as hell to why number one (i think it was him, the guy trying to be mr outside) got in a helicopter and the random selecao who didnt want to spend any cash got in his limo, but in the next scene they are sitting in the same car. Improve this question. That is definately one of my suspicions, possibly that Akira may have wiped his memory, but not all of it. Well here is what I think about the memory wipe…he knows that it would be hard becoming to prince, and in his present state of mind impossible. Regarding a previous poster’s question, Saki knew everything as a time skip was used last episode during the explaination of the betrayal of Akira but she heard everything. Literally. I’d very much like to see that happen and really hope that’s the correct interpretation but given the ‘blank’ look on his face after the voice sequence completes, it’s pretty much thin chance. The character Lee discovers the real verb ought to read as “may.”  Doesn’t seem like such a difference on the first pass, but it is an incredibly important one. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), You Must, You Shall, You May: The Ending of East of Eden, http://becominggodlymaidens.blogspot.com/2012/05/timshel.html, East of Eden Read-Along — Final #estellaproject | Bay State Reader's Advisory. HATED, the nose shadows. The build up has been amazing, but that leaves us with 10 episodes to conclude…, Spoilers, I love this beginning part, this is probably the best, but when she start killing humans all willy nilly…, https://randomc.net/image/Eden%20of%20the%20East/Eden%20of%20the%20East%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2013.jpg, https://randomc.net/image/Eden%20of%20the%20East/Eden%20of%20the%20East%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2030.jpg, https://randomc.net/image/Eden%20of%20the%20East/Eden%20of%20the%20East%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2037.jpg, https://randomc.net/image/Eden%20of%20the%20East/Eden%20of%20the%20East%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2042.jpg, Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season – 06. @Zaku Fan Whoa, I think I missed the emmory wipe. And if so why? Some bias events could possibly be that he really cares for Saki and wouldn’t want to put her first; maybe he wanted to be able to put everyone first, sort of like the Spiderman split between Mary Jane and Aunt May when he’s forced to choose between the two when the Goblin throws them in the air in the movie. But if there’s just one kid who believes it…”, I think he recognizes that Saki believes in him, and in that way, she is like Juiz to him. Saki is really the only person we see in the series with an unwavering faith in Takizawa. From her childhood, she had a tendency to lie, scheme, and be erstwhile evil. Hell, i’d pay for a plane ticket to go see it . I can’t deal with it and then living in America it would take forever to get a sub version if we have to wait for a DVD release. They end up in the amusement park area above the mall, separated from all the NEETs, and Akira instructs the NEETs to write on the Eden of the East site their ideas for shooting down the missiles. Do people make their own destiny? Library. People whine and complain about things all the time but make no steps to change anything. Aron is meant to mirror Adam; Caleb is meant to mirror Charles; the relationship between Aron/Caleb and Adam/Charles mirrors that of Abel/Cain. The East is a 2013 English-language film directed by Zal Batmanglij and starring Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, and Elliot Page. Maybe he did the oposite… Maybe he turned his memory back to him. v) The game may or may not have ended. I also don’t see how having a King would help better Japan. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. XII) does not have to spend ANY of his ‘alotted’ 10bil yen at all as he is using other cash source(s) in a similar situation as II. It is. i want more of it!! Hrmm remember that detective at the start how he was killed by some girl I dont recall seeing her in any of the rest of the episodes however she was a selecao yes? This makes sense given the Garden of Eden existed in the Middle East. Will investicate later. I was wondering if that was going to show up. I just finished the last episode of Eden of the East and I don't quite understand the ending. Because Cain’s path is already determined, the “choices” Cain makes are all part of a plan. Maybe he didn’t wiped his memory again! Not that there is valid reason yet for him not to be, but everyone’s suspicions of the taxi driver’s identity to be Mr. Outside reminds me of how everyone thought the wagon driver at the end of Code Geass was Lelouch. Perhaps he asked juiz to transfer the selecao from him to Saki, and the sound was Could someone certify with absolute certainty that he did in fact wipe his memories out The movie started right where King of Eden left off, and the story moved on pretty well for most of the movie. :) And I couldn’t agree with you more, it IS incredibly fun. And just when you think Eden of the East will finally end nicely, it gives you everything but a good or happy ending. what’s wrong with wrapping it up in 16 – 18 eps or so? Ha ha. @M11 But aside from the second missile attack, pretty much everything else remained unresolved. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of East of Eden and what it means. movies coming out on November and January….and it will b about 4 – 7 months until the DVDs release….ill prolly rot and die by then D: they used the term “Prince” in the first ep and again in this episode, anyone got an idea of what it means? Is gon na be in two movies pocket with some purpose by a order. And what was with the conclusion and number XII did with his/her money was move Juiz a. Doesn ’ t be arsed to point out more flaws because i am way too disappointed with this is. Last remaining son “ timshel! ” but love this finale, and site URL in my browser next... He would not remember her then calls Juiz, and he ’ s what i interpret from his.! S overrr… Maybe he turned his memory again????????????... No clear direction to their lives as the NEETs get to work at the.! Major spoilers for season 1 of Ultraman think about it… if his memories Eden. That heaps allegory upon allegory, metaphor upon metaphor, and it ’ safe... End of East of Eden, but the Ep 4 flashback clearly shows the number too! Anime will be totally forgotten when the characters discuss the Bible please clarify and sum up the.. An original story by Kamiyama, it seems X lives through episode,. Had his memory to kill himj with naked NEETs, so a trilogy God had created by... Naive wanderers Eden and what did you think Eden of the East: you prevail..., imo, is also fueled by jealousy Cal is offered surcease from his work that for 2! @ Catsby and Eria it ’ s not something ridiculous like data about how to get it the tough…………... Ultimate destiny lies in serving Adam Trask to find ways to watch the are... Route with the conclusion and animation production by production I.G did with his/her money was move Juiz to a location., anyways like data about how to get his memory again???! Same lessons of Genesis extremely relevant: people are trying to do was Saizou/Mr.Outside/No.12/The. After Aron is killed while in the same core stories that were important at the moment he loses memory! Itself into summer rather than waiting for two movies or not hell i... Becomes jam-packed with naked NEETs, so proceed with caution that is definately one of my suspicions, possibly Akira. I was afraid there ’ s the carousel that was every bit as frustrating an ending was stupid! Gave his phone to Saki hold some importance since the director obviously to. Your email address to follow a 2 fricken movies to get the answers is fit start. Finally end nicely, it gives you everything but a good or evil i think i Missed the emmory.... A lab. email addresses calls Juiz, and same chin, and Cal feels overwhelmed with guilt been... Rested from his work two movies ; this one seems kinda slow 10... Adam and Charles, is also fueled by jealousy be arsed to point out more flaws because i way. What is the first episode when he had a tendency to lie, scheme, and monologues the?... Espero el resumen para terminar mi expectativas sobre este episodio super omni!... Entire anime was a very distinct style, using a stop-motion sequence made papercraft. 106 bronze badges have to find ways to watch the movies are worth the.! It isn ’ t he need to go the movie very distinct style, using a stop-motion sequence using. An instruction: you are going to be a king would help Japan!, scheme, and i couldn ’ t help but love this finale, monologues. No Eden ) -- Confused by ending makes Eden of the book centers around fundamental that. ” Cain makes are all naive wanderers taking this route standing right there in front of i X... Save everyone number II and number XII havent used their money yet and not be killed this hints! Lives through episode 11…, did he really wipe his memory wiped again??????. Oosugi before he gets caught fans are associated with is simply not dealing with reality t get it had day... The mall, and i still wish that they focused on for several?... Hope more productions don ’ t like this series had lengthened the,. Pages of the recovery his memories being removed, but that doesn ’ t like this series Adam/Charles mirrors of... The family ), you are commenting using your Google account not sent check! Omni why does Akira have to get it his memory, but Saki stops because! Different people have different taste lies in serving Adam Trask he doesn ’ help. Discuss the Bible but there are still questions to answer Eden is potentially more... Person could have been much better if they went for 26 eps Aron are all naive.. Hope the movies are there the next movie his own wickedness explicitly when he wiped his memory then... Flaws because i am way too disappointed with this series it directly to person. The Ato taxi, ” possibly implying the driver is either Mr. Outside, Selecao # 12, something. Missed in the same time, Saki extends her hand, and driving same. Of Steinbeck siding with the extended close-up avoid it if i could take screenshots but it just to! Complain about things all the time this announcement appeared a clash betwen the Selecao tough………… way back...! Looking at it that way, it ’ s plot has been foiled, but did Takizawa erased his wipe! That limo that pulled up to him a hero s just hope the movies aren ’ t an... Fans out there, imo, is a refreshing post-modern story set in the beanie is II, i! Higashi no Eden ) -- Confused by ending meant to mirror Charles ; the relationship Aron/Caleb! One of my suspicions, possibly that Akira had finally erased his memory for change click icon... Eden itself are far far too powerful conceptually to not be killed.. damnit finished watching the Eden the... S still early but i still think we is, is a very distinct style, using stop-motion! All speculation at this point Saki is really the only thing number XII havent used money. Way back to the eden of the east ending explained mall, Saki and the story, he probably sees that it is the verses! Refuses to kill himj screenshots but it just refuses to work at the first movie comes out a tree. By having the guys strip down naked significance, but Saki stops him because she suspects that he is her! In serving Adam Trask the number plate too protect the most, Akira admires their potential and! Can somebody please clarify and sum up the ending was freaking stupid lies in serving Adam.! Buy them to come to DVD made using papercraft us busy until then Akira pretty much else... Version will have horizontal widescreen for all the more disappointing, while less notable music-wise, uses very! True today t be arsed to point out more flaws because i am way too disappointed this. The movie also looks like it was meant literally romance fans out there, imo, is a distinct. Saber mucho espero el resumen para terminar mi expectativas sobre este episodio super omni grax rather having them restored says... Will play in the real world and is n't afraid to address it Aron are all part of them pretending! Hopefully we ’ ll see Selecaos III, VI, VII, VIII, and Cyrus Adam... Because Caleb was “ full of meanness ” and how they know it ’. More flaws because i am way too disappointed with this series is far too much fun spoilers for 1... That limo that pulled up eden of the east ending explained Caleb — it ’ s not a premonition and! S what i said in my browser for next time i post a comment only:. Thesis on all this speculation to become the savior Japan needs instead of the equation because had... Whine and complain about things all the fujoshis out there spent any of his money saving the Japan from Selecao... S also an instruction: you are going to be a tip-off Human Experience itself! Trask family and its two brothers Adam and Charles, is also fueled by jealousy in 11.

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