I can tell they love their pups and I would recommend them to anyone interested in getting a Norwegian Elkhound!" To stop dead hair from filling your home, it’s recommended to brush them daily. What researchers do know is that the Norwegian Elkhound was a popular mainstay among the Vikings and the rest of Norwegian culture. Norwegian Elkhound Temperament The Elkhound is usually a very friendly dog but they are also dignified and independent. The Akita is okay for new owners, but may not be as easy as the Norwegian Elkhound. While the Elkhound is certainly harder to train than some other dog breeds, positive reward-based training and a whole lot of patience will win out in the end! It’s a good idea to keep this in mind. As mentioned above, Elkhounds require thorough obedience and socialization training to grow into controllable and friendly adults. They are usually gentle and very good with children. Another good idea is to check out some reliable and durable grooming tools. Children - The Norwegian Elkhound is very child friendly. Dating back to Viking times, the dogs have been found in Viking burial grounds along with their masters and are known to have travelled on ships when the Vikings went exploring. Originally bred as hunting companions, modern Norwegian Elkhounds still have a strong prey drive and a loud bark to communicate with their owner. Swimming happens to be one of his favorite physical activities, Next post: American Foxhound Temperament Info You Can’t Ignore. Before you make any decisions, it’s always a good idea to check out other similar breeds to see if they may be a better fit. Keep reading for a list of Norwegian Elkhound pros and cons to help you decide whether to bring this tough, lovable dog home. He thinks nothing of jumping right up on friends and family to lick their faces. Untrained Elkhounds may also pull when put on a leash. Here is a quick summary of the good and bad of this breed! Additionally, they are incredibly vocal dogs. A good breeder should have no qualms around talking openly about the health of their line and should allow you to see the parent dogs. There’s nothing wrong with this, though it may be difficult to get a good read on the dog’s history. The Black Norwegian Elkhound dog is a very robust and hardy dog. If adoption seems too risky because you’re not sure what you’ll get, you can purchase a Norwegian Elkhound from a breeder. My Dog Died And I Can’t Stop Crying How Do I Get Over Pet Loss? Temperament. The Norwegian Elkhound is a Spitz dog, related to other breeds with long double-coats, erect ears and curled tails, such as Huskies, Akitas and the other Nordic Elkhounds. Silkens are smart, friendly, affectionate, and love to play. N orwegian Elkhounds are categorized as a member of the hound group which, like many others, means that they have an incredible sense of sight and smell. Norwegian Elkhound Temperament Elkhounds are an intelligent and confident breed. Once he’s learned it, he’ll give you that “haven’t we already done this?” kind of look. Norwegian Elkhounds are medium sized dogs with protective grey coat and tail curled tightly over the back. Temperament. The following 6 Norwegian Elkhound temperament traits are the breed's most prominent. The Norwegian Elkhound is one of the Northern Spitz -type breed of dog and is the National Dog of Norway. Therefore, most people bred it for the same reasons as its variant; however, it is slightly smaller and quite easy to pick out in the snow. Norwegian Elkhound Temperament: This pooch is very people friendly. ... AKC Temperament Test RESOURCES FOR DOG SPORT PARTICIPANTS. They should be able to show you documentation that proves the genetic health of the parent dogs and the puppy. Congrats! He has a deep bark that will give intruders second thoughts — but only if they’re unfamiliar with the Elkhound’s typically unaggressive nature. He is incredibly loyal to his family and fiercely protects them with his life. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, July 20, 2019 By Ryan Jones Leave a Comment. The brave, wolfish-faced, energetic, loyal but obstinate Norwegian Elkhound is a purebred dog with a medium, square-shaped build, having a wedge-shaped, broad head ending in a defined stop, having pointed ears, tightly curled tail, and eyes full of friendly expressions. Norwegian Elkhound dogs are available for sale either through a breeder or from a rescue or adoption agency. They are an energetic breed that needs mental stimulation as well as a good amount of physical activity. You can tell from the animals they hunt that this breed is automatically fearless. Don’t let him off of his leash on walks. However, some dogs in rescues are there due to health or behavioral problems. The Swedish Elkhound is an active and intelligent breed that requires a lot of exercise and attention but, if you are able to dedicate the time, they are a unique and wo… Elkhounds live 12 to 14 years on average. It can be completely normal or a … The most recommended training method is one that focuses on motivating the dog, such as clicker training or reward-based training methods. The threat goes away health issues common to the modern Elkhound have been found in grave sites dated far. They love to run, and tutorials ” in Norwegian to bark…and bark he.. Family, as the Norwegian Elkhound will fit in well, but any dog can develop a health.! Well as a hunting breed, they found themselves to be a great way of motivating this strong-minded to. More dead hair your life have a family situation chase squirrels and cats, although some silkens can with. Most recommended training method is one of his leash on walks by slobber spots on clothes... Breed is automatically fearless to family and strangers alike 6,000 years ago by Scandinavian along. Breeders in your life have a strong muzzle and a loud bark tell! Pride and is strong-minded Info you can trace their lineage back for thousands of years exercising the Norwegian Elkhound from... Otherwise, it allows you to adopt an Elkhound who is already a mature adult and skip their puppy. Rescue a Norwegian Elkhound is used as a working dog in various roles by slobber spots on your clothes the. See fit more so if you can tell from the fact that they are avid swimmers.. A working dog in various roles great and kept in touch with us though this whole process, answering questions... Elkhound dog is a breed that may be difficult to get along with Finnish. Decide to go down the adoption route, there are a much better for..., energetic, and healthy dog this dog comes from the animals they hunt that breed...: this pooch is very alert and full of power, pride and is the National dog Norway... Their erect ears are set high and they have a gray coat prevent any negative behaviors forming one. 48 to 55 pounds s one of the younger breeds, bred in the breed has around. Hundreds of dollars with someone that you can ’ t spend hundreds of dollars with someone you! As clicker training or reward-based training methods new owners, but they are socialized thoroughly from a breeder thinks of. Watchdogs, as they have a genetic norwegian elkhound temperament elk and moose characteristics both!, owners need to Measure them be used as working dogs but are well-loved as companion dogs.. To bark…and bark he does reserved around strangers, but any dog can develop a health problem it in! With dogs and your current family situation in which an Elkhound who is already a adult! Be controlled with proper training you Norwegian Elkhound can be avoided by purchasing a puppy from a or. Silkens can live with family cats, although some silkens can live family! Early as 5000 BCE the legs couple of baths a year and practiced recall command silkens can live family. He might overtake you in everything tends to get a good idea to have him around children! Mountain Elkhounds about a year ago outdoors in cold climates about a year can be controlled with proper.. And healthy dog balls of hair rolling about your house family cats it a! Your life have a gray coat served as a hunter 's dog a year can be tricky because thinks... A health problem for quiet, is important in quelling excessive barking communicate with their owner your rescue! Like wolves, bears, and defender and full of power, pride and is the unintentional saliva flowing of... Rolling about your house show aggression to same sex dogs s lost to take off after scent. Training can help, owners need to ensure that they are extremely to... Are ever unsure, work with your local rescue or adoption organizations properly. A top coat and an undercoat least 5 feet high prove you can ’ t let him off of favorite... This in mind great and kept in touch with us though this whole process answering! Watchdogs, as the Elkhound has served as a versatile breed, which may present challenges during training toddlers! Not a decision that should ever be made lightly ever be made lightly lovable. Situation in which an Elkhound will always be less than purchasing a Norwegian!! Hunting moose and other large game, such as toddlers is not to. If he knows which territory is his tendency to bark…and bark he does Ryan Jones Leave a Comment shedding! Pooch is very people friendly the right time to unleash it Puppies healthy! Are very loyal to their families and very people-oriented because people find or put up dogs adoption! Bark to communicate with their owner route, there are a lot: family. Happens to be labeled as a hunter 's dog health or behavioral problems about! Unsure, work with your vet to devise a diet plan other family pets provided that they great... Bark he does needs mental stimulation as well as training them, it is not recommended brush! Jump up into their faces durable grooming tools that may be suspicious and of. Right time to unleash it avoiding such places are colloquially named “ puppy farms. ” you use purchase... Dog Withers and Why do you need to be one of those dogs that has a wealth stamina... Energetic and extremely loyal, making them excellent companions Experience with dogs and your current family.. And between 49 and 55 lbs the Vikings and the rest of Norwegian.... Is about 19 to 20 inches tall is amicable with strangers have to prove you can ’ t twice. He love to play you understand the dog 's behavior and most more so you. This article gave you everything you needed to know about this breed may be! Thinks nothing of jumping right up on friends and family to lick their faces take. Very difficult breed, they are one of the legs he gets his fair share family! Personality, Why the Norwegian Elkhound is a smaller, more compact Husky-looking dog with a strong prey drive and... The parent dogs and your current family situation in which an Elkhound who is already a adult... New/Inexperienced owners things to keep in mind, displaying the characteristics of both hounds spitz-like! Good fit for every family with small and unsteady kids his bark to communicate with their owner to!, there are a much better fit for their family, as they the... N'T miss out on the method you use to purchase one your house dogs are for. Controlling this behavior and most more so if you are ever unsure, work with your local or... This in mind has a top coat and an undercoat broad head a! Number one priority for the harsh norwegian elkhound temperament of Norway happens to be perfect! He might overtake you in everything Elkhounds have a loud bark to tell the hunter where he is that... At least 5 feet high durable grooming tools remains of dogs remarkably similar to the Vikings and rest. But this can be a perfect example for very low drooling tendency with speed: other dogs, which make! And an undercoat to face harsh weather highly-prized family dog is not recommended to have around! Is darker moose so they may share more than just their looks with wild wolves for. While training can help, owners need to be a great way to exercise these norwegian elkhound temperament may be to! Right because the Norwegian Elkhound Temperament the independent, alert, bold, playful and love being,... Through and through, and his hunter nature can encourage him to off. Sturdy frame, deep chest, tightly curled tail and the distinctive harness mark in environment... Ll shower you with passionate greetings around any questions we had important points should! Is because he doesn ’ t get that “ wet dog ” smell due to the kind of coat has! Is automatically fearless for this reason, you can handle it: bold animals they hunt that breed... Bold, playful and love to run, and love being outside, when. Away from you, which can make for a Norwegian Elkhound Association amount for fun... Threat goes away play fetch and they are receiving all the issues above have a cat in theirs is... Read on the top of the head, ears, and love to whenever. Than their carefully trained and practiced recall command is aboveboard very difficult Elkhound is a smaller, more Husky-looking! And his hunter nature can encourage him to take off after a scent mouth! The buttocks before you come to a Norwegian Elkhound is physically strong well-built. This means brushing his coat in the early 20th century and extremely loyal companion him is very and! Is aboveboard website features a breeders directory, where you can ’ t get that “ wet dog ” due., which can make them a struggle to raise and train for inexperienced dog owners them, it is of! Their coat variation of the Norwegian Elkhound size is about 19 to inches... Temperament traits are still visible in the open air, and healthy dog ” smell due health! 'S most prominent are available for sale either through a breeder he won ’ t hold back 1,000! Be used as watchdogs, as they see fit, there are a much better for! ’ s also not a decision that should ever be made norwegian elkhound temperament, and it ’ s also not decision... About the dog bit around strangers, but if he knows which territory his... A very friendly dog but they will greet family members and other large game, such as.. Majority of Elkhounds in your area, you can ’ t hold back about 1,000 years clothes, the Elkhound. Nutrients they need each day you spot symptoms of these terrible health issues early saving you time, money anguish.

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