ensure that the activities of the different groups form part of a coherent, mutually reinforcing approach, All ICSs and STPs have been developing local responses, designing ICSs has since been published by NHS England and NHS Improvement, integrated delivery models described in the NHS five year forward view, the relationship between PCNs and ICSs and/or ICPs, focused first and foremost on stabilising general practice, merging CCGs by default risks undermining local collaborative planning structures, health and wellbeing boards are playing a key role in the ICS governance, fears of a move to an American-style health system, Legislative changes will be needed sooner rather than later, nsights from patients and local communities, agreeing the objectives and priorities of the system, establishing governance to support partnership-working and collective decision-making – systems have built on successive iterations of their governance as the ICS develops, building capacity and capability to support the work of the system – teams to deliver this work are being resourced by organisations offering people from within their existing teams, or by pooling resources or drawing on transformation funding where it is available. If you are a member of the public looking for health advice, go to the NHS website. However, there are variations on this terminology, for example, in the South East London ICS they are referred to as ‘local care partnerships’ (LCPs) and in Greater Manchester as ‘local care organisations’ (LCOs). This aims to deliver better, more integrated care for patients. In England, an integrated care system ( ICS) brings together the organisations planning, buying and providing publicly-funded healthcare – including mental health and community care services – to the population of a geographical area. The aims of these local health and care partnerships are broad and include improving disease prevention and population health … Progress on developing and rolling out the contract has been far slower than initially envisaged and there appears to be limited appetite for its use at present – Dudley is currently the only area actively pursuing this option – with most areas opting for looser partnership arrangements. //-->