Sockeye Salmon King Salmon Smoked Salmon Lox The reason why Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company's salmon is famous for being the best is that it is wild caught salmon, straight from Alaska. Wonderful. Lost your password? There are early mornings, late nights, hard work and rough waters. Turn the heat up on your grill and get cooking! The dark red color gave it away. The sockeye is next on the list to eat. These fish aren’t as large as King Salmon but they do provide an ample amount of firm meat, and max out in weight around 12 pounds. Now is a great time to try Copper River Sockeye Salmon for sale for $35.95 lb. For thousands of years, the Columbia has been home to coho, sockeye, chum and steelhead salmon as well as chinook. OCEANSIDE FISHERIES - Richmond Mike Rekis  |  604-275-9313 Forms: Value Added (eg. Smoked), Canned, Roe, Export. Ships Worldwide, FINEST AT SEA - Victoria, Vancouver, UclueletJennifer Gidora  |  250-383-7764  |  Email: | Forms: Sells Direct to Public, Fresh & Frozen, Value Added (eg. Rich, flavorful, best salmon I’ve ever had! Each salmon … Wild salmon tends to have a better balance of omega 3's Buy Chinook Salmon Online start $24.50: ☑ Sockeye Salmon Filets ☑ Chum Salmon Fillets ☑ Silver Salmon Fillets ☎ 1-253-709-1000 ... Sale! To learn more, visit our Purity page. We handle each salmon as if they are going directly into the hands of our own family and friends, producing a quality that we believe should be a standard everywhere, no matter what.-Marie Rose, Keith Heller, & Joe Emerson, Co-Founders of Shoreline Wild Salmon Our flash-frozen Wild Alaskan Whole Salmon are harvested in Southeast Alaska. Smoked), Roe, Export. Caught responsibly by fishing families in Southeast Alaska's … Ships Worldwide, CYPRESS SEAFOOD - Bella BellaJackie Hu  |  250-957-4395  |  Email: cypressseafood@gmail.comForms: Fresh & Frozen, Roe, Export. We have frozen wild northern troll-caught Coho Salmon for sale, head off and dressed. Alaskan Halibut and Coho Salmon Combo An ideal way of adding healthy Alaska salmon to your diet. $10.99 lb. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for Wild BC Salmon news, events and new recipes! Would recommend, Tina YES LIMITED AVAILABILITY -CALL Price per unit (£31.82/kg) Waitrose Hot Smoked Salmon with Sweet Chilli 160g. $6.99 lb. It’s also one of the most affordable varieties of wild salmon. Ships Worldwide, COAST TSIMSHIAN FISH PLANT LTD. - Prince Rupert Gwen Grilz  |  250-624-9437  |  Email: Forms: Fresh & Frozen, Roe, Export. (verified owner) – September 30, 2017, Fresh , wild caught alaska salmon, good price & 1 day delivery. Had Delivery problem and was handled exceptionally, No matter how you prepare your silver salmon, family and friends will always come back for more while praising your efforts in preparing that special dish. This provides a consistent quality that is unsurpassed in our industry. Angela Dowzicky You will find it often on my Food Blog and Facebook Timeline. It arrived, once again in frozen state packaged great! 4.3 out of 5 stars (344) Item price. They are each flash frozen and vacuumed packaged. You must place order one day prior to the day it will ship out before 5pm Alaska time (AKDT). At Captain Jack's Alaska Seafood Market, we buy only fresh (#1), chrome-bright Sockeye (Red) Salmon. Enjoy Coho Fillets without having to deal with the bones. Order seafood online and try our sockeye salmon, keta, king and much more. You will receive your e-newsletter the last week of every month. Because of their lower cost, wild Alaska coho is great for the needs of large groups or neighborhood backyard barbecues. Ships to Asia, WALCAN SEAFOOD - Quadra Island Rob Eastland  |  250-285-3361  |  Email:  | Forms: Fresh & Frozen, Value Added (eg. I just recently placed another order because my husband and I both missed the taste of freshly frozen Alaskan fish. ; Take advantage of these great savings! Caught in the pristine waters of Cook Inlet, our Coho Salmon Fillets are processed same day of harvest. Ships Canada Wide, S.M. I just ordered more. Ships Worldwide. Apart from farm-raised salmon (high in mercury) and king salmon (expensive), coho salmon has the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acid content. Ships Worldwide, ST JEAN’S CANNERY - Nanaimo Steve Hughes  |  250-754-2185  |  Email:  | Forms: Sells Direct to Public, Fresh & Frozen, Value Added (eg. Cholesterol: 50 mg. We ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for next day delivery. Also shipped very quickly, no defrost, large pieces and at a great price, rick bollinger Smoked), Roe, Export. This 5 LB box of delicious flash-frozen wild Coho Salmon is one of our smaller boxes and the perfect size to get you started cooking and eating more fish at home. $13.99 lb. Alaskan Set-Net Salmon Pack - FREE FedEx Delivery Included! When you buy wild salmon from us, you're buying it straight from the fisherman. Ships to Canada, US and Southeast Asia, PACIFIC POINT FOODS LTD - Surrey Nancy Yamazaki  |  604-385-1651  |  Email:  | Forms: Fresh & Frozen, Value Added (eg. The pin bones can be pulled easily after the product is thawed or cut out. Jeff And it always arrives frozen solid. All of our Salmon is Wild-caught by our cousin Sam Haughey and his family in the pristine waters of Kodiak Island, Alaska. Ships Worldwide, SUNDANCE SEAFOOD - SurreyMike Denike  |  604-576-7445  |  Email: mdenike@westcoastselect.caForms: Fresh & Frozen, Value Added (eg. Ships Worldwide, HAIDA WILD - Massett “Canada, USA, Europe”Shawn Baybutt  |  250-626-3848  |  Email:  |  www.haidawild.comForms: Fresh & Frozen, Value Added (eg. Coho Salmon are an adaptable fish, found in watersheds along the Pacific coast. Excuse me, but it’s time to thaw some salmon for breakfast! Being able to thaw out just what we would eat…portions at-a-time was very convenient too! However, they have a lower oil content which makes their flavor less rich than King or Sockeye. Ships Worldwide, AQUALINE SEAFOODS LTD - DeltaJesse Bray  |  Email:  |, ALBION FARMS AND FISHERIES LTD - RichmondGuy Dean  |  604-295-2025  |  Email:  | Forms: Sells Direct to Public, Fresh, Frozen, Value Added (eg. Sale! Wild Alaska salmon is better for several reasons. (85 grams) Cooked, Edible Portion YES AVAILABLE . Silvers have a mild flavor but are packed full of healthy Omega – 3s! We weren’t disappointed! (verified owner) – April 2, 2018. £7.00. Fresh seafood daily. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Our Wild Caught Coho Salmon portions are packaged individually with 6 oz servings. We’re very happy with our purchase thus far! It has great taste, is reasonably priced, and I plan to NEVER be without plenty in the freezer. (verified owner) – March 31, 2018. Smoked), Roe, Export. ABOUT WALCAN. Species. Excited to place another order:o), Danise Coon It’s incredibly fresh. We pack these 6-ounce coho salmon portions in boxes of 6 x 6-ounce portions (~2.25 pounds a box), 5 pounds (roughly 13-15 portions per box) and 10 pounds (roughly 26 to 30 portions). Baked the salmon with rosemary sea salt and butter. Coho salmon offers orangish or peach-colored meat, but is also known as silver salmon for the shiny color of its skin. Calories: 120 0 in trolley. Their service is outstanding and the quality of fish is equally great. (verified owner) – January 25, 2018. Ships Worldwide, SCARLET POINT SEAFOODS - Port Hardy Arlo Kueber  |  250-949-6630  |  Email: Forms: Fresh & Frozen, Canned, Roe, Export. Whole Sockeye Salmon Fillets $ 48.95 $ 42.95 Add to cart; Sale! My family and I really enjoyed the fish. The package arrived when it was expected. But was secondary to the customer service. Find salmon on sale at a grocery store near you in their weekly grocery flyer and save money. Smoked), Export. Smoked), Roe. Please be aware that these fillets are shipped with the skin on and may contain bones. Glad I found Tanners!! Wild Alaska coho fillets and steaks are known for being lean with a mild, delicate flavor and meat that flakes easily. We grilled the salmon on cedar planks, it was wonderful!

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